Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jumping Gymnasts

Most of this week’s highlights relate to the kids’ gymnastics activities. This is fitting considering that the gym is practically their third home.

Monday – As with most days, work started at 7:30ish for Hallie. Mike got the kids ready and then dropped them off at school. Mike then went on his merry way to work. After school and work Landon had gymnastics, and while he was there Eliza and Mom went to visit Grandma M. and Finnley.

Tuesday – Today was picture day for the kids, and they both did their own thing. Mom got the packages for 50% off because she works at the school. A surprise perk! Pictures were running a bit late, so the school called Hallie to come in early, and she did. So many kids did their best to look amazing for school. Both our kids had gymnastics after school, and we are proud parents when it comes to Eliza this week. Coach Amy has used Eliza as an example on form one day, and on another day she pulled Eliza and another little girl aside to tell them what a good job they were doing on the bar. Yeah!!!!

Landon would much rather go to gymnastics then Scouts lately, so we are trying to work on Scouts another day during the week. He has passed off many of his requirements for his Bobcat and Wolf Awards between summer camp, gymnastics, and projects we have done at home just because they seemed fun to do at the time.

Wednesday – Today was a lot of the same, but without gymnastics. Even though we have added another day at Victory to our schedule, it is really nice having a day off during the week that we are not having to run straight from school to gymnastics.

Thursday – Hallie had a PTA the morning, and she and the kids had Reflections after school. Both kids had gymnastics.

Friday – Eliza had gymnastics, Mom did PTA work while waiting for her at gymnastics (Dad came over after work and helped), and then the kids stayed after for Super Spooky Victory Night. The adults went on a date. Time alone: Imagine that!

Saturday – Mom and Eliza went to Coach Patty’s Gymnastics here in Camarillo to watch the Victory girls compete in the USAG SC North 3rd Prelim (now that’s a mouthful). At the rate Eliza is going, she will be competing at this same meet next year. Over the last year we have made lots of friends at gymnastics, and we thought, what a great opportunity to cheer on our friends while they are in our own backyard! Eliza loved attending the meet and didn’t understand why she wasn’t out on the floor. 

After the Level 2’s competed, the girls headed up to Victory to watch the rest of Landon’s practice and to bring him home. Meanwhile Dad did a lot of work.

The kid's ripped.

In the afternoon the kids helped picked up their clothes in their rooms, which was not a favorite of anyone’s: Imagine that.

Sunday – Hallie started the day off at choir, and then we headed off for church. Today in Primary they split Hallie’s Primary class. It is a mixed blessing. The kids in the class are so cute, but twelve of them most Sundays was a bit much. It was fun seeing different personalities come out of the kids when the class was smaller.   

. . . And to wrap up the week, here are some highlights of Eliza's schoolwork.

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