Sunday, September 04, 2016

First Week of School 2016

The first week of school went by in a flash! Everyone had something to do: Mike’s fall semester started, Hallie started work as a campus supervisor at Las Posas, and Landon and Eliza started their new grades. After a few days of school, we had to make sure our very last weekend of the summer had a fun surprise for everyone.

Monday, the last day before the school year started, Hallie had a few meetings for her new job as a part time campus supervisor at the kids’ school.

Mike headed up the hill for some work in the afternoon, we were able to Skype with Diamond as part of an early birthday celebration, and Family Home Evening ended our day with father’s blessings to start the new school year.

Diamond turned 26 Tuesday. Wow! Where has the time gone? We are so proud of her and where she is at in life. We sent her fun Hello Kitty car accessories for her new ride that she bought herself last week.

It was also the first day of school! We now have a 3rd grader and a Kindergartner. Both of the kids were quite excited to start the day. After dropping Landon off at his class, we headed to Eliza’s room for an orientation. When it was time for Mom and Dad to go, Eliza never looked back, and she was off having fun.

Dad had work to do and headed off shortly after we left the kids at school. Hallie picked Eliza up shortly before noon. The girls made cookies as a new tradition for the start of school. Recently, Hallie found out that Landon’s favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin. To appease everyone Hallie made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip. They turned out super well, and we will definitely use the recipe again.

At 1:30 p.m. we got a call from the office of the school asking if Eliza would like to take the last spot in the K/1 split at school. Hallie said yes, and (after a whopping three days) we feel it has been a great decision for Eliza. Hopefully, at the end of the year we feel the same.

There wasn’t a lot of time to relax after school as it was time to head up to gymnastics. Landon had asked if he could quit, and Hallie told him yes. Landon was singing a different tune after practice and wanted to stay in gymnastics afterwards.

Wednesday, it was school and work for Mike and the kids. Mike was kind to walk Roxy with Hallie. Since school has started it seems like this may be the adults’ new gig, and they are glad for an excuse to get in such a good walk three days a week.

Eliza loved her first full day with her new teacher Miss M.

After school we relaxed for a bit and then headed to gymnastics. Today was Eliza’s last day on recreational gymnastics. We have loved Coach Dee, and we are so glad that we get to keep seeing her around the gym.
The local paper did end up running a brief story on the fun-raiser at Victory and running a picture of the kiddos. 
Photo courtesy of JIM BASS/Bass Images

Hallie received a text asking if she was ready to start work the next day. She responded with a resounding yes.

Hallie reports to the school shortly before 7:45 a.m. three days a week. Crossing guard is a great job! Everyone is happy for the most part and is excited for the day that lays ahead of them. The highlight of her time working at the kids’ school is seeing her family arrive at school and watching the kids play during snack and recess. Everyone that Hallie works with at the school is really nice, and it is fun seeing the looks on the kids’ faces when they realize that she really is Landon’s mom. Nothing like losing 75lbs and changing your hair to throw off eight-year-olds.

Today there is a bit of a change in the routine. Eliza has watched Landon practice gymnastics for countless hours. The tables have turned, and now at least one day a week Landon gets to watch Eliza practice gymnastics. Hallie is excited to be able to focus on one child at practice and not two at least one day a week.

Friday, Hallie headed off to work, Mike brought the kids to school, Mike and Hallie walked the dog, Mike picked up Eliza from school, and then Hallie and the kids ended up at gymnastics. Exciting, we know.

Good thing Mike walked Roxy with Hallie. That dog is strong, and there was a couple of times that Hallie is pretty sure that she would not have been able to control the dog.

Tonight was pizza and a movie night, so we got Valentino’s and watched Harry and the Hendersons. The kids liked the movie, and the parents forgot how much swearing was in a PG movie from the ‘80s.  

On Saturday morning Mike and the kids started the day out with a building project at Home Depot. Landon saw a friend from school there, and both kids had a lot of fun making their dry erase boards. Hallie ran to Target to get a few things purchased, and magically we all met up at the end.

Eliza was invited to a tea party birthday party by her cute friend Elianna from gymnastics. The girls were darling in their fancy dresses drinking tea and eating sandwiches. Eliza said, “Today was the best day ever!”

Landon went and spent some time at Cru’s and had a lot of fun like usual. We are so glad that they live close to their cousins.

The rest of the day ended quite lazily which was nice after such a busy week.
Fergus is a fan of his new (if somewhat too small) cat tree.

We ended the week with a surprise road trip to Medieval Times. None of us have ever been there, and Hallie has always wanted to go, so we figured we’d strike while the mood had us in its grasp! We didn’t tell the kids where we were going, so they got a pleasant surprise to wind up their summer. 

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