Sunday, September 18, 2016

School Days and Birthdays

Maybe we need to invest in a new camera or (smart phone!) because here we are at the end of another week with few photos to show for our activity. What we do have are pictures of the kids’ school work and school-related activities.

Monday – Mike took the kids to school and Hallie headed off to walk Roxy. Mike trekked up to work and Hallie attended her first official PTA meeting. There are so many rules and regulations in this PTA that it can be a bit overwhelming.

It wasn’t really warm enough to go swimming, but the kids wanted to, so Hallie obliged the two until bickering ensued – then they headed home. On the way home Hallie remembered she was supposed to meet someone at the BMX track at 4:00 to sell Eliza’s bike. The kids still love BMX, but there is no time in the day to do that on top of gymnastics. Next time we go we can rent a bike for the kids. We ended up getting to the track in good time and made the transaction.

On the way to Back to School Night we grabbed some food and met Mike at the school. Hallie performed some PTA duties at the school and then headed to each of the kids’ classes. The year seems to be off to a good start, and we are excited the kids have the teachers that they have.

PTA Secretary drumming up support

Scared? Huh. Who'da thunk it? 

Poor sad Clifford! 

His is the one with the skateboarding ninjas.

Ninja with a Mohawk. Niiice! 

Tuesday – Hallie played crossing guard and yard duty, while Mike took the kids to school and then headed up to work and did not come home until after 9:00 p.m. After school the rest of the family headed to gymnastics and Cub Scouts before we called it a night.

Wednesday – Mom needed a minute to herself, and so she started off the day visiting her friend Angie for a manicure and pedicure by the beach. Living in Southern California has its perks. There was enough time after to run by Costco and fill up the car and the grocery cart. Shortly after, it was already time to pick up Eliza from school. Back to school we went after a fast 30 minutes to play crossing guard again two more times, and then we headed to gymnastics. Mike was not seen by the kids until nearly 8:00 p.m. with work and church meetings.

Thursday – The kids went to school, the adults went to work, Hallie set up a table to sell shirts for the PTA, and after work we headed to gymnastics. After gymnastics the family met at Panda Express for a school fundraising activity. The kids loved seeing teachers, adults, and friends that they know at a place outside of school.

Friday – This was a pretty typical day for the most part. However, today was the last day that we will be walking Roxy. Our family, especially Eliza, is sad about that, but the school wants Hallie for more hours and Eliza goes to school all of the times she could walk the dog. Hallie attributes a huge part of her weight loss to walking Roxy three times a week.

Both kids brought home Friday folders, but only Eliza had work to share. 

After school we headed to gymnastics and it is really a pleasure to hear and see how far the kids have come, especially Eliza in such a short time.

Mike met us at gymnastics and then the family headed to Tommy’s for dinner (protein for Hallie is our excuse to eat gut busting chili burgers) and then on to Grandpa and Grandma O’s for a belated birthday celebration for Grandpa. The kids sure do love hanging out there and playing with all of the fun gadgets.

On Saturday Hallie and Eliza started the morning early at a Sample Sale at Petunia Picklebottom in Ventura with a very pregnant Carly and Grandma M. Eliza loved shopping for things and insisted on carrying all the purchases. We all were busy in the afternoon with various activities. Landon went to a birthday party at Sky Zone Tampoline Park in Ventura. Hallie went shopping at Aphrodite’s on Ventura’s Main Street, and while she was getting fitted, Mike and Eliza went window shopping. Eliza had chosen a simple yet attractive outfit, and Mike noticed how many people looked at this beautiful girl walking down the sidewalk. Sharon at Aphrodite’s noted that Eliza has “a perfect heart-shaped face.”  

The night ended with pizza and a movie (Star Wars Episode 3) and early to bed for everyone due to an early day on Sunday.

Hallie and the kids went to ward choir practice while Mike attended ward council this morning. The weather was perfect for a casual walk home from the stake center. Even with the one-mile walk home, Hallie will not make her 10,000 steps for today. Hallie taught the kids in Primary today about Choosing the Right and dang, wouldn’t you know it? Someone chose the wrong in class!
Eliza self-portrait along with another from our friend John

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