Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last Full Week of Summer 2016

And just like that, summer is over. We see that many kids are already back in school, but we’re getting a later start than most, which meant one last week of soaking up the sun (for Mom and the kids, at least). We didn’t travel or make a big deal of it, but we had fun.
Nerf wars and LEGO car races: That's what summer afternoons are made of! 

Mike spent most of his week in meetings getting geared up for fall semester. Cal Lutheran has a faculty retreat, and both his department and the GSOE have their annual meetings at around the same time. One of his colleagues owns two vintage Fords (a Model A and a Model T). He brought the A by the office. 

The week started off with our regular walking of Roxy. However, the walk ended with tears when Roxy wanted to chase a dog and Hallie’s hands were wrapped in the leash. Bruised and bleeding fingers were the result of the confrontation. Eliza was so helpful to try to take care of Mom, and the two were happy that they were on their way home and close to Roxy’s house.

A bit after walking Roxy, Grandma M., Sawyer, and Cru came for a swim which definitely made our kids happy. Landon asked for Cru to stay after swimming, so he did, and the kids continued to play for a bit until Hallie needed to run an errand. The three kids came along, and the four of us ended up at Rite Aid for ice cream cones. The one scoop was more than enough for Hallie’s small tummy, and she almost regretted eating the super yummy flavor she got. We ended the evening taking Cru home and meeting Dad at home after his first day of meetings.

Tuesday morning started off a bit early with a PTA meeting for Hallie at the school. The kids played with some of the other kids, and we are excited for the changes our new principal, Dr. Walker, will be implementing this school year. Landon and Cru went with Grandpa M. to see the remake of Pete’s Dragon in the theater. What a great way for Grandpa to get to know his grandsons better! For pizza and a movie night on Saturday, we saw the 1977 version. Surprising how long it was. Mom and Dad knew many of the old songs by heart. Funny how that works. The new gymnastics schedule started this week for both kids. Eliza had to sit around a bit more than usual and was a good sport with not a lot of complaining.

Hallie finished getting the paperwork turned in for her new job as a part time campus supervisor at the kids’ school. This will be a great job for her and will help pay for Eliza’s new set of hours at gymnastics that start in September. Coach Ray said it is about time for Eliza to be on pre-team. Eliza is excited because it is a lot of hours like what her brother has. If you ever need to find Hallie, she will be at Victory four nights a week and would love some company.

On Wednesday, Hallie and the kids went to Simi to visit with Grandma and Grandpa O. and Alie. They also picked up the ceramics they had painted earlier in the month. They couldn’t help stopping at ALDI, the new Sprouts, and (unbeknownst to them) the grand opening of Stater Bros. The night ended with both kids at gymnastics.
Eliza met Sherry's two bulldogs.

Thursday must have been a bit calmer as there is not much on the calendar for this day. Eliza had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, and Mike had already gone to his meetings not long before. Hallie rented Angry Birds on DVD for the kids, and they watched it during the day. Landon and Eliza thought it was very funny.

After being a little hesitant after Hallie’s walking accident earlier in the week with Roxy, Hallie asked Mike if he would come walking with her and the kids. Mike did, and she was glad to have him along for the walk.

Right before heading to gymnastics we found out who the kids’ teachers will be. We have mixed feelings about the new year and pray for good results.

Speaking of Victory, on Friday after gymnastics, Hallie picked up Cru and we participated in a fundraiser for Casa Pacifica. Your entrance fee for Victory’s 10th birthday party was a back pack or school supplies that were donated for kids staying at Casa. Free play was had by kids and adults alike, and yummy cupcakes topped off the evening. Our names were entered in a raffle, and we won a Victory Nite for a future date. Woo hoo for us! The kids and Coach Dee even had their pictures taken by a newspaper photographer, so they just may end up in the local paper.

Saturday was quite a lazy day for the family around the house, which was a welcome relief. Mike had an appointment in the afternoon, and afterward the family took a walk around the neighborhood. The weather has been wonderful lately, and we need to make sure we get outside more. Hallie has mentioned the need for more walks or to go to the gym. 

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