Sunday, August 14, 2016

Olympian Efforts

Frankly, there’s not a lot to write this week, nor do we have many pictures. Mike spent many many hours grading papers with more to come as the semester ends. We watched many many hours of Olympics (much to the kids’ chagrin), and we spent just a few hours building an Olympic-sized LEGO set.

On Monday, Hallie was supposed to go to The Price is Right, but she had to back out at the last minute. A restful day was not had unfortunately. We walked Roxy in the morning as usual, and it has been fun meeting some of Mian’s relatives. Shortly after walking Roxy, Hallie had an unexpected PTA board meeting. Landon and Eliza enjoyed the meeting because they were able to play at a park. After that, the trio headed to McDonald’s for lunch and then to the doctor so Hallie could get her blood drawn. Since surgery Hallie has felt extremely tired most days, and so we are going to start at the beginning and start ruling out things to see what we can find.

Both Hallie and Landon had doctor appointments again on Tuesday. Landon had blood drawn to check for allergies. We got ribs and ground beef out of the back of a truck (a large refrigerated truck from Zaycon Foods, that is). She and Landon also managed a trip to the LEGO Store, where Landon bought a Ninjago set and Hallie bought Mike the Volkswagen Beetle. As part of the deal, they got a mini-scale London double decker bus. Pretty amazing!

Wednesday found Hallie going to yet another doctor appointment after her workout. She took Landon, and Mike stayed with Eliza. The two of them went out to lunch at Souplantation before Mike dropped Eliza off at gymnastics with Hallie on his way to work.

After a visit from her visiting teacher on Thursday, Hallie and the kids joined Jacob’s mom Debra and some other friends over at Silver Strand Beach. Mike had to work, so he missed out on the sun and fun. Speaking of fun at the beach, Hallie received photos Uncle Shad took when the cousins got together at the beach a couple of weeks back. 

On Friday we set to working on the LEGO Beetle while watching the Olympics. The adults in the house have really looked forward to and enjoyed the original binge watching experience, but the kids seemed unimpressed after a few hours earlier in the week.

This big build reminded us of the Christmas VW Bus build at the Doreys in 2011

Good times! This new set was only 200 pieces fewer. . . .

We did take a break in the evening to watch The Little Prince, and the kids seemed to perk up for that. Charming movie. We also kept working on the Beetle.

Hallie made a deal with Kasea on Saturday: rides from and back to the airport in exchange for hairdo maintenance. Win-win all around! Hallie built the finishing touches to the Beetle, and then we were all done!

Sunday involved church and time spent at home. The weather is beginning to heat up again, and we are grateful for cool evening breezes. 

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