Sunday, August 21, 2016

Things Are Never What They Appear

Again, another week with few photos. While summer appears to be endless, we realize it is winding to an end. Time to gear up for the new school year!

Hallie got to hold baby Claire on Monday. She likes it because Claire falls asleep in Hallie’s arms. Such a cutie! This is the last week of summer gymnastics, which means our schedules will change slightly come next week. It has been a fun summer at Victory, and watching the kids grow and learn new things and accomplish skills they have been working on has been exciting.

Hallie went to the school district office to fill out some paperwork for her upcoming job as a campus supervisor. This week we also got a lot of snacks and food to prepare for the upcoming school year that starts on August 30. The kids think they should eat all the snacks before school starts.

On Friday after gymnastics, Landon went to an end-of-summer party, Mike and Eliza ran some errands (grades are finally posted. Woo hoo!), and Hallie got her hair done. Here’s the single photo we have that we can publish for the week: Eliza watering her garden. Enjoy!
(Mike spied on her through the back window.) The Wild One is wearing quite the fetching fedora. 

After Landon’s party, Mike and the kids went camping at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Landon, Eliza, and Alie sure enjoy playing on the back lawn. Mike and Landon manages a volley in the “badminton” game they play of 54 volleys! Meanwhile, Mom had some alone time. She gets lonely when we’re gone, but she did get a chance to luxuriate in a bath before the craziness resumed.

On Sunday, the Olympics ended, much to the kids’ relief. Maybe they’ll get into the Winter games or the XXXII Olympiad. 

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