Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Heat is (Back) On!

With the official start of summer this week, it was hardly surprising that we experienced some heat. We spent the week finding creative ways to deal with it and gear up for the real heat to come. 

Monday brought HEAT! Lots of HEAT! Mike and Eliza walked Roxy early in the morning to avoid what was to be a miserably hot day. The kids and Hallie headed to gymnastics in the afternoon, where it was hotter (in Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks) than it was in Camarillo. (That is why we live in Camarillo.) Hallie made sure both kids had large water bottles full of ice, and Landon (with a three hour practice) had a frozen Powerade to make sure his electrolytes were kept up. Definitely with the heat there were less kids in gymnastics than usual. All of the coaches had squirt bottles to keep the kids feeling cooler. Both kids survived remarkably well and did not complain once. We love our troopers.

We made some LEGO-themed chocolate candy with the molds Grandpa got and the extra chocolate from last week's baby shower. Nom nom nom!

On Tuesday Hallie went to her first PTA meeting. This is Hallie’s first real adventure in PTA, and she will be serving as the secretary. The meeting was a bit long, but Hallie said they were able to get a lot accomplished, and she enjoyed working with the women she will now be serving alongside.

Wednesday morning Mike and the kids headed to walk Roxy and then to Toys R Us to do a little shopping on a gift card that Landon had. He got a great deal on a pretty big set! While the rest of the family was out, Hallie headed to the gym. There are a lot of members of our church that attend Fitness 19, and on this day Hallie met up with two ladies from our ward. Hallie enjoyed walking on the treadmill while chatting with friends – time went by a lot faster than usual. Afterwards, Hallie’s visiting teacher Dale Talley came over to visit. Dale was one of Mike’s ward missionaries in our old ward, and since then Hallie has had opportunities to get to know Dale better. Her companion is Candace Barton, and it will be so great to get to know her too. The weather was cooler today, but Landon forgot to bring in his Powerade and did not feel well after practice.

On Thursday Hallie spent time in the hair chair. Actually, most of the day. For the next 6 weeks or so she will be a blonde until her hair heals a bit and marvelous Kasea does the next bit of magic to Hallie’s head. 

The kids hung out with Hallie for part of the day while Mike spent a bit of time volunteering where we purchase our meat. If you volunteer they give credit on your next purchase. Thanks, Mike!!! We are now set up with 40 lbs of chicken breast. Hallie has to eat 75 grams of protein every day, so this will help a lot and this chicken will last us a long time. In the evening the kids and Hallie headed to Victory Gymnastics where they participated in Olympic Night. While at Victory the kids saw all kinds of Olympic memorabilia (including an Olympic torch from the Los Angeles Olympics), spent time with 1996 Men’s Gymnastic Olympic Silver Medalist (one of our coaches at Victory) Coach Jason, and enjoyed tons of free play and pizza.

Friday morning started early when Hallie hit the gym with her trainer at 7:30 in the morning. After she got home, Landon and Mom headed to gymnastics practice that started at 9:00. Dad and Eliza headed to walk Roxy at 9:00. After the dog walking Eliza headed to a little preschool class at Natalie Cox’s home. Eliza had so much fun and came home with a mouse cupcake and a wheel that shows feelings. Mike brought Eliza up for her gymnastics class at 12:30 on his way to CLU, and then Hallie and Landon went to find lunch. The gym has changed some of its apparatuses around, and now Hallie can see both kids from one location. Awesome!!! 

The afternoon brought a fun outing to the Taylor family’s home in Thousand Oaks. The kids saw two dogs, a miniature horse, and 10 chickens. Eliza even had the opportunity to gather some of the eggs. We are grateful to Scott for the time that he spent with the kids showing them around and answering Landon’s questions about the chickens. 

The trio stopped at Rite Aid for ice cream (of course the hot day called for ice cream!) that we took over to the Maygren/Hopkins house. We spent the late afternoon and early evening babysitting Cru and Sawyer so Aunt Carly could go to the doctor. Living close to family so we can help out is something we love to do. Hallie made little pizza cups as something different for Pizza and a Movie night. Landon picked out an oldie but goodie, Cars.

Mike taught most of Saturday, and the kids and Hallie hung out at the house getting some laundry and cleaning done.

Sunday brought church and a relaxing morning. We are grateful it is hot while we are at church and the weather starts to cool down by the time we get home. Eliza was a cut-up in class, plus she received a LaLaLoopsy dress from Granny Ruth! 
Any guess which kid is ours?

The kids this week are looking forward to sleeping in the backyard of Grandpa and Grandma Owens. Eliza is counting down the days. 

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