Sunday, July 03, 2016

Camping, Suburban Style

The kids were beyond excited at the prospect of going camping in Grandma and Grandpa O’s. It’s all Eliza could talk or write about.

Well, that and these peculiar people with big bloodshot eyes. Creepy! 

More heat on Monday meant that Roxy was walked in the morning and that Mom and Eliza went to Target while Landon worked out.

Tuesday brought our semi-annual trip to the dentist in Westwood. Everyone for the most part had a clean bill of health. Eliza has a tooth that has been slowly dying. Several years ago Eliza hit her tooth, and the injury has lain dormant for a while. When the dentist told her that her tooth was dying, Eliza made sure to remember all that was said and remind us for several days after our dentist visit that it is dying. Kids are very funny. The family spent a short amount of time at the Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center and distribution store so Hallie could get a few items she needed. No trip to the dentist is complete without a trip to Diddy Reese. Hallie had her first taste of regular ice cream, and her tummy was very happy with it and the bit of cookie she had to go with it.

On Wednesday Hallie and the kids walked Roxy. Landon learned the hard way at the end of the walk why we don’t walk Roxy and rollerblade at the same time. Hallie had told Landon to be careful because there were dogs that like to bark at Roxy at one of the houses along their route. Little did anyone know a cat would startle Roxy and that she would chase after it while pulling Landon along the ground. Landon, eventually was able to let go of the leash, and Hallie retrieved Roxy and the walk ended slightly less uneventful. Hallie likes uneventful.

The missionaries came by in the early afternoon, and it was nice having them over. They encouraged us to commit random acts of kindness this week.

The kids had gymnastics at the regular time and really enjoyed it. During the two hours Hallie and Eliza wait for Landon, they went to visit the Maygren/Hopkins families. How fun it is to be able to be close to our families!

In the evening we attended a going away party for our friends the Fairbourns. Everyone met over at the military housing, and the kids had so much fun playing for a few hours. The parents enjoyed talking with each other. The party ended with our kids full of mud and Landon crying for the loss of his friends who are moving across the country.

Everyone left the house at the same time on Friday morning with Landon and Hallie going to gymnastics and Mike and Eliza heading to walk Roxy and to visit at our friends the Berros. At gymnastics this morning the other two boys on Landon’s team did not show up so Landon practiced with the level 5 boys. Coach Shane said Landon held his own and did a great job.

Friday afternoon Dad and the kids, car packed, drove out to Simi, leaving Mom with some (too much?) quiet time at home.

Once in Simi, Grandpa brought out a badminton set and had bought both kids a game called Scrabble Twist. Afternoon entertainment, secured!

We wound down the night with glow sticks and s’mores ‘round the fire pit.

The artificial turf made for a very soft and smooth bed. Perfect for games and quiet contemplation. 

The following morning, they had some Saturday morning cartoons with breakfast. 

Grandpa and Mike recharged the A/C system in the Olds, now dubbed by Eliza as the “Mo-mobile.” That’s as good a nickname as any! 

In the afternoon, we watched a little boy named Jacksen and all went down to the pool. The water felt wonderfully warm!

Sunday brought a nice testimony meeting at church. Eliza fell asleep in sacrament with about 10 minutes to go and slept nearly another two hours. Going to the grandparents must have really tired her out! Hallie taught her Primary class of 6/7 year olds. Today she had 1 girl and 5 boys. After church she reported all the boys were full of energy and she missed her co-teacher today who was out of town.

The afternoon was spent watching Looney Tunes (Grandpa and Grandma let us borrow the set after they proved so popular the day before). Both Landon and Eliza are in love with them. Eliza laughing out loud and yelling at the TV just at the right time. Thanks for the laughs! Mike loves watching the cartoons for the soundtrack and for the clever in-jokes. Eliza did some more notebook writing and teaching Fergus how to make words. 

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