Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grateful for Cool Breezes

Quick entry this week, which seems boring in comparison to most weeks. Summer is on, and we're grateful for cool breezes at the end of each day. 

Monday of course consisted of walking Roxy and gymnastics. Most days we walk Roxy early now (for her sake and for ours), and the heat and the humidity are still hanging around. With no air it is very yucky!!!

Tuesday the kids and Hallie hung out around the house, and Hallie was able to move into another food stage. Hard to believe that nearly three months have passed since surgery.

On Wednesday we had fun!!! Hallie hit the gym with her trainer Jessica and worked out hard. Right before their workout Hallie was weighed and realized she had shed 70 pounds since January 7. Hard to wrap your brain around, but we are proud of her hard work. WOO HOO!!!

Shortly after she got home, the kids met our friends the Taylors at the pool and had a lot of fun swimming. Eliza loves it when John throws her halfway across the pool and asks for him to do it repeatedly. Now is Mike's least favorite time of the summer: final writing assignments are starting to come due. From now until mid-August, he'll be feeling a whole different sort of heat. 

Showers and lunch were had when we got home, and with the heat mom fell asleep, waking up just in time to take the kids to gymnastics. While the two were flying through the air, Hallie went to check out new tennis shoes. None were bought because the price is not in the budget (yet), so they will be a future purchase. But she did have a great experience at Roadrunner Sports.

Everyone left the house early on Thursday. Eliza had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, Hallie then had a PTA meeting, and to top it off Cru and Grandma Maygren came swimming with us for a bit after lunch. Phewf!!! Grandma brought gifts for the kiddos. 

A bit of TV watching happened in the later afternoon until Hallie couldn’t stand the heat anymore and the trio headed to Costco for errands and to beat the heat while Mike taught one of his weekly classes. Time to start thinking of going back to school. . . . 

Friday started with Landon and Mike going to gymnastics and an appointment. Hallie and Eliza walked Roxy, saw our friend Madyson, and stopped by our friends the Bedards where Eliza had so much fun playing with Alexis and modeling sand.  

In the late afternoon, Landon attended a birthday party for a friend and had so much fun! Hallie had an interesting time taking him shopping for the present and watching how his eight-year-old mind works.

From the party, we went camping at Grandma and Grandpa O.’s again overnight and into Saturday. Grandpa had bought a small soccer goal for the kids to shoot at with a plastic ball that has managed to stay outdoors and inflated for some 40 years. They also had a ball with glow sticks in the dark.
Do you see his ghostly form behind the glow?

After a night outdoors, we had waffles and some Science Channel before heading back home in time for our friend Jenny to come over to visit.

In the evening, Mike spoke at a scholarship dinner for the Deseret Businessmen Association. While he dined on street tacos in a gorgeous backyard bathed in a cool breeze, the rest of the fam and Jenny went to Pizza Rev to indulge in a yummy meal of their own and then a movie at home. All too soon it was time for bed. Landon had a hard time settling down and invented a communication system (ring a bell and leave him a note, and he'll come down and get it), "wrote" a note with stickers, and did some drawing.  
Made while he was waiting for Mom to come upstairs to lie down with him 

On Sunday morning, we made empanadas and pancakes (the empanadas were for the ward linger longer after church). We assume the empanadas were well-received, because they were gone by the time Mike got to them. Good thing we made some of our own to enjoy beforehand!

We came home from church to a sweltering house. No A/C is no bueno. When the sun passed, the breeze came in, and we got some ice cream, we finally felt some relief! 

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