Sunday, June 05, 2016

New-to-Us Wheels and Victory on the Gym Floor

We spent the two years we have lived in California as a one-car family after leaving our Buick in the care of our friend in Michigan. This week we finally had enough money saved to take advantage of the opportunity to buy outright a new-to-us car from Hallie’s parents’ neighbor, a sweet mid-sized sedan not too different from our Buick: a 1995 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale. What this car has in number of years it makes up for in high level of care and low number of miles over those years.

The rest of the week the kids spent winding down the school year, which ends next week, and preparing for Victory Games at gymnastics.

Memorial Day we spent quietly around the house. It was nice to not have to go anywhere. We spent the afternoon at the BMX track and then grilled hot dogs before Mike had to go out and work in the evening.

Tuesday the kids had school as usual, and Mike worked for several hours away from home. When he got home, he saw Landon tooling around on some electric wheels. 

Landon had Scouts in the evening where they did obstacle courses outside due to the church being carpeted. 

After Scouts, Mike took the two kids to Baskin Robbins where if a month has 31 days you can get an ice cream for $1.31 per scoop. The kids were very excited to have a yummy treat so close to bedtime.

A lot of weeks Wednesday seems to be a busy day for us. Hallie made her usual several trips up the hill to Thousand Oaks, Westlake, and Newbury Park taking everyone to their destinations. 

It's been a little bit since we have shown off Eliza's art, so here's some for your viewing pleasure. 

It had been nearly a week since we had seen Roxy (the dog we walk) and since we had seen her she got a haircut and new walking harness. She looks so good! Mike mentioned it was a lot easier to walk her. Hopefully Hallie will never have to worry about her running into a busy street again. Mike had a brief work assignment, and while he did that Hallie and Eliza headed to Chick-fil-A for a yummy lunch. We headed home for a bit to pick up Landon and to have our friend Natalie practice French braids on Eliza’s hair for Saturday’s big gymnastics recital. In the evening Hallie and Landon attended Cru’s baseball game. His team went quite far in the season. Mike and Eliza ran errands during part of the game and joined the other two later on. We needed to be home by 7:30 so a member of the bishopric could meet with Hallie and extend a calling to her in the Primary. Late in the evening Hallie received a text from her mom that her neighbor was selling her car and asking if we were interested. After reading the details, you bet we were interested!

We all left the house at 8:00 a.m. Friday morning. The first stop was dropping Landon off at school, then Hallie dropped Mike and Eliza off at a friend’s house so the men could work on a literary project. Details to follow. Hallie moved on to the doctor’s office where she had get her bloodwork done for her one-month check-up since surgery. Some results have come back, and so far so good. Hallie went back and picked up Mike and Eliza and then we headed to Rolling Pin for National Donut Day. Eliza purchased the very last donut before Rolling Pin closed for the day. The three then headed up to Thousand Oaks to check out the car and give it a little test drive. Everything went well, and we headed home with a new-to-us car!!! 

Yes, they both technically fit. No, we won't be doing this sort of thing all the time.

It has been sinking in little by little that Hallie will have a bit more free time on her hands. Good thing she has some new shades with which to contemplate her bright future! 

The first taste of summer heat arrived. Fortunately it has been mitigated in part by a marine layer in the mornings, AKA June Gloom.

The kids spent time in the pool on Friday instead of watching a movie. Unfortunately, Landon had a moderately strong allergic reaction to the unpleasantness floating in the water. Eww. Wash before going in the water, people, and don’t pee where you swim, OK?

On Saturday, both kids participated in Victory Games while Mike started his third year at CLU with doctoral student orientation. Eliza took top honors in her level on the floor exercise, and Landon took first place overall in his level. We’re proud of them for being such hard workers! We also appreciated having so much family support there! What a great benefit of living close to family! 

We celebrated with the kids afterwards at Islands Grill, and they were so accommodating to Hallie’s new eating style. So thankful for nice restaurants and their willingness to help out.
A big hug to loved ones far away

Sunday, Mike had to attend the remainder of orientation at CLU while the three amigos attended church. Everyone made it through the day and we are grateful for the end of the week and for new things to come next week.

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