Sunday, June 12, 2016

One More School Year on the Record Books

Eliza finished preschool and Landon completed 2nd grade this week. Winding out the school year, both kids brought home a final set of art and schoolwork to share and put on display.

Both kids will have a busy summer at play and getting set up for success in the fall.

Hallie rocked her new sunglasses that she had bought for her birthday. She also rocked a new ‘do later in the week.

Landon’s departure from 2nd grade was pretty low-key. They had a party on Thursday (Hallie’s last, for a while at least, as room mom) and games on Friday. His friend Camerron will be moving over the summer, so the end of the school year is kind of bittersweet for him.

As for Eliza, she is moving on from preschool into the big leagues, and her teachers gave her and her classmates a little graduation ceremony and party to send them off. 

We appreciated having extended family able to attend her big day. Mike still (very vaguely, mostly thanks to photos) remembers finishing up at his preschool nearly four decades ago. Yeesh! Where does the time go? Hard to believe these big kids were once our little infant babes.

Carly and her kids came over on Friday so she and Hallie could get their nails done. Mike took all the kids on a walk with Roxy. They found some wonders of the insect world on their travels, including a beehive an unfortunate meter reader happened upon a few minutes before we walked by (Mike did not expect that to be one of the hazards of that kind of job) and a monarch butterfly.

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Gram B said...

That particular place has had beehive issues before- every couple of years the bees rebuild.