Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mid-Winter Break

We spent a quiet week at and around home for the kids’ mid-winter break from school. While the weather continues to dominate our thoughts, we did manage to make some fun for ourselves.

Monday, February 17 – The kids had the week off from school this week for mid-winter break. They spent the first morning of their vacation hanging out on the indoor swing.

Later, Eliza discovered that cupcake cups stick to chairs with a little help from a glue stick.

Mike had a procedure done that made him unable to lift or carry things for a couple of weeks. Landon decided to show his love by writing love notes to post all around the house.

Tuesday, February 18 – The snow returned during the night, coating everything in white. The weather has warmed up, though, so the snow started to melt as the day wore on. We had great neighbors who helped us shovel with Mike out of commission.

(Oh, and here's some random art we missed from last week.)

Wednesday, February 19 – Hallie attended her bariatric support group and came home wildly excited with all that she had learn. Recovery time seems to be easy for most people, which is great news when you have two small kids at home.

Thursday, February 20 – Snow fell again, turning to rain. Mike had a front row view from his office window. 

Within 20 minutes, the scene transformed from this . . .
 . . . to this:

Of course, the snow melted off the sidewalks and the sun come back out within the next hour. 

A big change is in store for our little boy. We are so proud of him and all of his work he has done in gymnastics. We received via e-mail this letter for Landon this week:

"Dear Potential Team Parent,

"Your son has been selected by our staff to advance into our Team Program. He is one of a select group chosen from our entire boys class program. This means he is showing extraordinary talent and potential to take gymnastics to a higher level. As a member of the Team Extreme, your son would be learning and developing the skills necessary to advance to Team Competitions.

"The Boys Preteam will practice Wednesday 430-630pm and Saturday 10-1pm. Each gymnast must commit to both days per week. Team practices will begin March 5th. The coach of this new group will be Jesse Mercado. Jesse has over 10 years coaching experience in all levels, boys and girls competitive as well as extensive experience in tumbling and cheernastics."

Way to go Landon!!!!

Friday, February 21 – Now we are experiencing the great thaw. Fortunately, we’re only getting some weeping into the basement. The water in that lake out front is not warm. Ask Hallie as her feet have met it several times through different pairs of shoes. She is thinking a pair of rainboots may be in order. 

As long as the sidewalk is free of snow and ice, the basement is safe. 

It almost has the kids ready to break out the warm weather clothes!

Hallie ventured out around 2:00 to the mall and met another family from the branch and let the kids play. They played for nearly three hours without stopping. The adults would love to channel this energy for sure. The kids slept like angels.

Saturday, February 22 – We went to the LEGO Movie at the movie theater in our local park.  
Everything is Awesome, indeed! 

Sunday, February 23 – We had a crisp sunny Sunday. Brisk but beautiful. Eliza played dress-up. The skirt is still too big on her but she looks so cute in it we couldn't help but put it on her. Thanks to Aunt Carly for suggesting that Hallie buy it.

Not sure why she's into making these faces for the camera, but there you go. 

Landon and Eliza channeled their inner expressionist selves. He told us he is drawing something he saw from Scooby-Doo.

Edvard Munch has nothing on our boy.

After all this week's activity, a soft bed seems like the perfect place!

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