Sunday, February 02, 2014

Celebrating a Life

Most of the week was spent in day-to-day routines. However, in the midst of it all, we felt the loss of a friend in our branch, Lloyd Swanson, Jr. (“June”), who passed away after a battle with brain and liver cancer. He was 88. We knew he only had a few months to live, but when he passed, it still came as a shock.
Lloyd and his wife, Bonnie

Monday, January 27 – The day started out pretty routine, and then Mike received word that our friend Lloyd passed away in the morning. He went over Lloyd’s family’s house to pay his last respects and to see what help the family might need. 

Tuesday, January 28 – Arctic Blast #2 meant that both the kids’ and Mike’s schools were canceled again.
Mike completed another Dowdle puzzle, this time of Washington, DC. Now we need to get frames. 

Eliza somehow got it into her head that summer attire was appropriate. 

Wednesday and Thursday – These were our most routine days this week with work and school. We enjoyed brief periods of above-freezing temperatures. Woo hoo! Landon brought home some of his recent artwork.
Well on his way to creating his own intricate masterpieces of snow in paper

Eliza has learned a few new tricks. 

She had Spirit Week at school, so that meant she got to play dress up. We forgot about Pajama Day Monday, and there was no Cowboy Tuesday, but she did participate in Hat Day Wednesday, Mixed-up Thursday, and Favorite Sports Team Friday thanks in part to some amazing fashions borrowed from Renée. 

Friday, January 31 – Interesting developments have arisen at Mike’s work. His dean received a vote of no confidence from the faculty and staff of the college. Hopefully now that people have had an opportunity to voice their concerns officially, the college can move forward. Mike had his lunchtime enrichment class and then made some visits with the missionaries, including to Lloyd’s family to help finalize funeral arrangements.

The weather warmed up for the snow to melt into good playing material, so Landon took advantage after school. 

Hallie and the sister missionaries had Activity Days at the church, where they tidied up the building for the funeral.  
(and enjoyed pizza!)

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so in honor of the day Charlie Bucket found the last Golden Ticket, we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring Uncle Shad. 
Willy Wonka and Shad. Which is which?

Saturday, February 1 – We had Lloyd’s funeral this morning. His service was a nice mix of traditions from the different backgrounds that make up our unique congregation. Relatives spoke of Lloyd’s example, especially after he was baptized. Mike gave a talk on the plan of salvation and shared a little about his “Fridays with June.” While Mike shared what he knew about the scriptures and church doctrine, Lloyd shared how to live a life with dignity and humor amid trials. He demonstrated that it’s never too late to make real changes in your life. We will miss him.  

After a long morning and early afternoon at church, the kids were bouncing off the walls and crawling on the furniture. We could not get Landon to leave the building, even when we physically left him behind. 

We ended up winding down the day by coloring quietly at home. Landon has really developed his coloring skills, and Eliza is well on her own way. 

Sunday, February 2 – Rain falling after snow then freezing overnight makes for slippery roads in the morning. Brittany came over to visit, and she and Hallie made treats for a get-together we were going to at David and Analee’s house. The sun managed to peek out for a few minutes in the afternoon. Nice! Still, all the ground varmints have predicted a long winter, and so we soldier on. 

We went to the Super Bowl party and had fun watching the Seahawks ride roughshod over the Broncos. At a certain point, Mike was hoping for a blowout just to keep the game interesting. After that first play, it seemed like the Broncos never recovered. Good times. . . .

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