Sunday, December 01, 2013

Winding Up Our Road Trip with Thankful Hearts

We finished up our road trip to pick up Sister Evans our stay with Bryce and Elise and then once again hit the road home. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Owens road trip without some adventures along the way.

Monday, November 25 – While Mike worked, Hallie, Sister Evans, the kids, and Bryce’s family went to the Pentagon and Fort Belvoir and then to Georgetown to buy cupcakes! Hallie, Sister Evans, and the kids went to Georgetown Cupcake (home of DC Cupcakes on TLC), and Bryce and his family went to Baked and Wired and Sprinkles, and then we had a gourmet cupcake party when everyone got home. 
Remembering the fallen at the Pentagon on 9/11

At Georgetown Cupcake, home of DC Cupcakes on TLC

Tuesday, November 26 – Sister Evans went to visit with President Riggs of the DC South mission. Before then, we went to Cafe Rio and indulged in some delicious Mexican food.

This kid and his faces! Such a clown.

Wednesday, November 27 – All too soon, it was time to head back home. We said our goodbyes to Elise and the kids and then hit the road, packed to the gills. 
We're not kidding. And this is how it looked with a load of stuff in a car-top carrier.   

Before we left the DC area entirely, we stopped at Tango Pastry, an Argentine panadería in Arlington. Mike devoured his pasta frola (quince tart) and empanadas. So tasty! We wanted to avoid tolls, so we took the surface roads through DC into Maryland for a while before giving up and hopping onto the highway. We followed the Susquehanna up through the middle of Pennsylvania, running into only a few patches of unpleasant weather. After we got to New York, however, it was another story. We ran into snow on the small side roads leading to Victor, but we made out fine in the end, only 2 ½ hours later than we had planned.

Thursday, November 28 – Thanksgiving morning dawned sunny and cold. After breakfast at the hotel, we drove to Palmyra and the Hill Cumorah to visit the Church History sites there. After finishing up in Palmyra, we headed toward Pennsylvania, stopping at a Cracker Barrel along the way for turkey dinner with all the trimmings. After dinner, we drove on to our next hotel stop. Along the way, we hit the worst weather of our trip when the snow came down thick enough to make traffic slow to a crawl. Fortunately, it cleared up after we got out of New York.  
Inside the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center

Depiction of Joseph Smith receiving the gold plates from Moroni

Hill Cumorah Monument

Depiction of the First Vision with the Smith family cabin in the background

Inside the Smith family home

The Sacred Grove. What happened here on a spring day in 1820 changed the world. 

Learning about how the first edition of the Book of Mormon was printed and bound

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Friday, November 29 – Last day on the road! We left Eire, PA, early enough to get out in good time to see Historic Kirtland, Ohio, and the Kirtland Temple. And then we were home. Fergus seemed more than happy to see us, and we him.

Saturday, November 30 – Mike took Landon to gymnastics while the girls ran errands, and then we spent a fair amount of the rest of the day getting settled back in and cleaning up the house. Sister Evans had the opportunity to go out on splits with the sister missionaries, which was probably a welcome return to her former routine.

Sunday, December 1 – And suddenly it’s December again. We’re happy to rejoin the routines of life at home, but we do miss the fun we have had over the past few weeks. Sister Evans got to go on splits one more time as a missionary before she officially gets released from full-time missionary service. Well done, Sister!

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