Sunday, November 24, 2013

Historic Attractions and Happy Reunions

We packed a bunch of activity into this last week. Between taking in historic sites, picking up Sister Evans from the mission home, and going to local attractions, about the only time we sat down was when we were driving. Aunt Elise always had something tasty for dinner, and the cousins shared more good times together.

Monday, November 18 – We went to Mount Vernon on what had to be the perfect day. We wore short sleeves in November and had our run of the place.

Later on, we came home and played games outside with the kids in the neighborhood. Landon borrowed another kid's electric scooter and tooled around the little plaza about a hundred times. We had family home evening and made stars for Sister Evans. 

Tuesday, November 19 – We got out late to pick up Sister Evans, but after a few wrong turns and a bit of misdirection, we finally made it an hour late to Richmond. We are so proud of Sister Evans for what she has accomplished! She told us some stories as we drove from the mission home down to Williamsburg, where we stayed for a couple of nights. Mike taught his class in the evening while the rest of the crew went to the giant Yankee Candle store down the road. After class, he took the kids for a dip in the hotel pool, always a favorite activity, especially when the water is warm!

Wednesday, November 20 – Today we spent walking around Colonial Williamsburg and learning all about America at the time of the Revolutionary War. The weather had started taking a cold turn from Monday’s warmth. During the middle of the day it felt fine, but the morning and evening got chilly. Of course, that beats the weekend we heard about back home, where blustery winter weather had knocked out power to our neighborhood. Here’s hoping everything’s OK at home.
Inside the mental hospital. The quotation on the wall is James 1:5. 

The bell the silversmith is holding is worth about $10,000.

Outside the statehouse, from which actors portrayed the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the townspeoples' responses 

Right where he belongs!

In the evening, Eliza started complaining of an earache, so we took her to the urgent care, where the doctor diagnosed her with an infection.

Thursday, November 21 – Mike took the kids into the historical village one more time while Hallie and Sister Evans did some shopping in town.
At the Weaver's. Mike told the kids about how Grandma has a loom and spinning wheel at home and how he remembers her using those items when he was younger. 

Thousands of weapons are "Arming the Manor."

They then trekked up to Fort Belvoir by some side roads and through Maryland. Once we got back to Virginia, Sister Evans pointed out sights from one of her former areas near Bryce and Elise’s home.

Once they got back to Bryce and Elise’s, everyone but Mike got ready to go to ICE! at the Gaylord National in DC. Mike had to teach, the poor guy.

Friday, November 22 – We spent most of the day at the Smithsonian. We'll let the pictures do the talking. 
Exploring America on the Move

Look closely, and you can see both sets of grandparents' houses!

Viewing the Star Spangled Banner

Original Nauvoo Temple sunstone and plate

Budding researcher

By the time the kids got home, they wanted to play. Well, after Eliza woke up, that’s all she wanted to do. She didn’t get to sleep until really late.

Saturday, November 23 – In the morning, we had breakfast at Washington, DC’s, Eastern Market. Mike had a sandwich called the Brick. Simple, yet amazing. Hallie had a yummy spinach omelet, and the kids had pancakes. Mike got the best thing.

Afterwards, we went to the temple visitors’ center and LL Bean. Hallie could have spent all day at the temple. So pretty!

We chose the wrong day to go to the Tyson’s Corner shopping mall. It seemed like everyone from Virginia, Maryland, and points beyond had come out too.

We played Farkle in the evening. In a brilliant come-from-behind roll, Landon pulled Team Owens squeaking into victory. No one was more surprised than we. Well, maybe Lily, who was only one more roll away from winning.
Holding baby Penelope

Sunday, November 24 – The real chill has now set in, along with a frosty wind. We spent all day running around visiting people from Sister Evans’ mission, a friend from Hallie's high school days, and friends from the Belle Isle Branch who have moved to Virginia. Walks down memory lane really give insight into the present. What a blast!

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