Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween Festivities

This week we spent first celebrating—then recovering from—Halloween. Not a whole lot to say with words, so we’ll mostly let the picture speak with captions.

Sunday, October 27 – We attended Hallowe’en Nights at Greenfield Village. What a unique tradition! Some parts spooky, others nostalgic, and always a treat. 
Ready to go! 

This glowing apparition called Eliza out by costume. 

Spooks took over the carousel. Boo!

Here's our version of a postcard we received as one of our treats.

Here's the original. Not a bad approximation, although Eliza should have been in the middle.

Monday, October 28 – Mrs. Humphrey met with us to clarify her classroom management program. Hallie took the sister missionaries winter clothes shopping. While she was out, the rest of us carved a Jack O’Lantern.
Concept art

Well, most of us carved. Some slept.

Smiles and wails: Perfect combination
Tuesday and Wednesday – Here is some art the kids have made during the last couple of weeks. 
Some original work from Landon

Jack O'Lantern by Eliza

Dark Dark Night by Eliza

Landon's version of the Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley

Jack O'Lantern by Landon

Thursday, October 31 – Wednesday’s beautiful weather couldn’t hold into Halloween! We attended Landon’s Halloween party this morning. Pretty impressive, considering we’ve never seen anything like it elsewhere. Is it just because this is our first time as parents of a kindergartner? It all just seemed like more than we had ever done as kids or Mike had seen when he taught at Roscoe. This was a good ol’ fashioned full blown party. We’re looking forward to what they do for other holidays! 
Eliza is ready for kindergarten. Bring it on! 

Time for a scary story

With the rain, the school held the costume parade indoors. 

Almost every student present dressed in costume and participated in the parade. 

High fives from the upper graders

Craft time!

Pumpkin bowling (the pins are ghosts).

Time for a snack! 

String cheese brooms and mandarin pumpkins (along with some candy)

Assembly by the Flying Aces professional Frisbee disk team

Landon had a half day, and Eliza had no school.  Mike had to work in the evening, so Hallie and Brittany took the kids trick-or-treating. They took in a huge haul. We’re not going to regulate what they do with it, but we are going to liberally share in the spoils.

Friday, November 1 – Back to the old grind at school for the kids. 
Eliza got a gift bag from the activity she missed Wednesday when she went to speech. 

Brittany came over to do some work in preparation for college. Hallie had Activity Days in the evening.

Saturday, November 2 – We had no plans for the day other than Landon’s gymnastics class. We spent most of the day trying to clean the house. In the evening, Brittany looked after the kids while Mike and Hallie had a date of sorts. Dinner after errands. Still, we enjoyed having the alone together time. 

Sunday, November 3 – The sun finally came out again with a decided chill. Indian summer is finally gone, and now we anticipate more winter-like weather. Still, there are plenty more green leaves remaining to change color and replace those fallen with the rain. 

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