Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visiting Cousins in Virginia

We traveled home from Indianapolis last week only to turn around and hit the road for Virginia the next. We're having too much fun to post much, so here are a few pics we managed to sneak in along the way. 

On our way to Virginia, we stayed near Demont, Pennsylvania, outside Pittsburgh. We saw this rather interesting billboard: 
Clown saying, "I still believe in global warming. Do you?"

Cemetery scene with the caption "Obamacare: It's Shovel Ready!" 

Love note from the boy. Now with a flower! 
We arrived in the DC area on Saturday afternoon. When we got to Bryce and Elise's, the kids were out and waiting for us. The kids immediately took up to playing together. The boys played at being spies, and the girls set to doing hair. They all watched Turbo in the evening. Landon got so worked up during the final race scene that Mike thought the boy was going to lose his mind! We'll have to see what happens when he finally starts getting into college and pro sports.

On Sunday, we attended church at the Fort Belvoir ward, which meets in a meetinghouse near Mount Vernon. We drove past the mansion and grounds along the way. After sacrament meeting, Mike hoped to get Eliza to fall asleep by taking her on a stroll down along the Potomac. She didn't fall asleep, but they did get some quality time and a couple of pictures.

After we got back, Eliza heard the Primary children singing Christmas songs, so she took a peek through the open window.

Landon and Chance
Later in the afternoon, we went to the park to play. 

In the evening, Emerson showed off his erupting volcano.

Cousins are the best!

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