Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wending Our Way to Christmas Break

We spent the week gearing up for Christmas and the kids' breaks from school. Mike finally got all the indoor decorations put up, so at least the inside of the house looks somewhat festive. 

Monday, December 16 – The kids started the last week before vacation by bringing home holiday crafts they made at school. Mike spent the first few days grading papers and putting the semester to bed.

"Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me. I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

Tuesday, December 17 – Landon decided he’d like to hang out at home for a bit. Mike wants him to take up rock climbing.

Wednesday, December 18 – Hallie and Diamond attended an exercise class as part of Hallie’s preparation for her bariatric surgery. In preparation for Landon’s class party on Friday, they made goodies in the evening. 

Thursday, December 19 – We had Nadia over after her preschool. While the kids were in school, Hallie took Diamond to a hair appointment, and she got her tresses rehabilitated and done up naturally. We took Landon out early instead of having him stay to watch a movie at school for his monthly positive behavior support activity. We’re kind of torn. We want him to behave well, but we’re not really into having movies at school. We’ll probably mellow out, but we planned an activity on Saturday as a reward for Landon instead. In the evening, Hallie took Diamond to the monthly mission fireside. Diamond met Elder Tripp, who is from her old mission and is serving out here.

Friday, December 20 – Both kids had activities at their schools today, so we all joined in on the fun. Later on, Hallie had Activity Days at church. She had called Mike earlier in the day asking if we had a saw. We do. Mike did not ask why the saw was needed. Had he known, he would have also said he did not have the needed sawhorse or C-clamps to hold the wood Hallie brought home in place. Regardless, he was able to saw the pieces Hallie needed with Landon’s help. In the end, Hallie and the kids from Primary made little painted sculptures of baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph.

Saturday, December 21 – Hallie babysat in the morning, and Mike forgot to take Landon to gymnastics. Landon nonetheless busily occupied himself hammering nails into the scrap wood from Hallie’s Activity Days project. We went to American Coney Island and the "Watch Me Move" Animation Exhibition at the DIA in the afternoon to reward Landon for good behavior at school in lieu of the movie they had on Thursday.

Exactly one year ago today we were cruising and dining on the Mayan Coast. Good thing the world didn't end! 

Finally! Something the kids can put their hands on. Please don't break it!

Watching classic Loonie Tunes and Merrie Melodies in the ornate Detroit Film Theatre

There's something special about seeing "What's Opera, Doc?" on the big screen!
Sunday, December 22 – Mike took Diamond out to Bloomfield Hills to make her missionary report to the stake high council. Then they trekked back through the somewhat less icy roads back to church. Hallie and Diamond made Café Zupa's Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup, perfect for a chilly day that looks to start an icy Christmas week. Brr! 

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