Sunday, December 08, 2013

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin

We settled back into the normal routine of school and work. Winter weather has come, so we have decked the hall and trimmed the tree in anticipation of Christmas. Landon has really bought into Santa Claus, and we are milking it for all it’s worth. Eliza has taken to acting like a cat or a dog depending on her mood, complete with wee mews and barks. 

Monday, December 2 – This week started off early and quick. All of us woke by 6:30 so we could take Diamond to the Stake President to be released as a missionary. We had to jet back to get Eliza to school, Hallie to the dentist, and Landon to school all within a short window. We undertook a clean-out of our foyer and hall closet and it looks, and feels amazing to have purged a lot of stuff!!!!

Here's some random art.

Tuesday, December 3 – Off to school the kids went, and off to Hallie’s first appointment about Bariatric Surgery went the grown-ups. There were a total of 11 people there to start the process. Mike joined Hallie, and she is glad that he was there so he knows of what is to come and how he can be a great support. This was an all-day event, and we are grateful to Diamond for watching the kids so we could attend this class. Mike then headed off to teach his class that night. Two years ago marks the day that Eliza was sealed to us and we became a Forever Family, again. It was a busy day and we forgot to celebrate. Thank heavens for weekends.

Wednesday, December 4 – Today was therapy day. Hallie got her and the kids out a bit early so they could stop by Sam’s Club before the kids’ therapy. While we were out of town we had lost power for two days, so our fridge has been quite bare and needed to be replenished. We got Landon off to school by 1 and then picked Diamond up so we could go run some more errands.
For his part, Mike decorated his office at school. 

Thursday, December 5 – The kids headed off to school, and Diamond and Hallie headed to the grocery store and the gym, picked up Max to babysit, took Eliza to the doctors, and then ran errands before picking up Landon from school. Mike worked, teaching his last class of the semester.
The walk to and from school is always interesting. Potty humor from the middle school (the former library) across the street. Somewhere a teenager hiding a letter L is laughing. 

Friday, December 6 – Mike took Landon to school and worked recess. Mike was so brave. It has been cold, and Hallie would not have been as willing to go. The kids like when Mike supervises at recess because he pushes them high on the swings, even in the cold. Hallie took Eliza to school and then headed for her first of many doctor appointments for surgery and EKG. The doctor was out of town so it will not get read until Monday which is fine. No hurries. Things seem to be shut down for the holidays and they are right upon us. Hallie and Diamond picked up Eliza from school and then headed home for lunch. Mike went to see Lloyd with the missionaries. Hallie took Diamond, Landon, and Eliza to get their pictures by a lady in the branch so we can add Diamonds picture to our family wall. It was a cold day outside for pictures but the three of them put on their brave faces and took some good pics. Later in the evening Diamond went to a Young Single Adult activity in Bloomfield Hills while the rest of us did pizza and a movie. Landon saw Star Wars Episode I and seems to be quite interested in Star Wars.
Eliza is always willing to help Fergus get comfy. He puts up with a lot from her. 

"Ah, much better!"
Saturday, December 7 – The morning started off with us splitting up duties. Hallie went to her first Thirty-One product premiere and Mike took the kids to gymnastics. Diamond spent time with her family in the morning. We all met up together in the early afternoon. At 2 Hallie and Diamond headed off to the temple where Diamond did an endowment session and Hallie did initiatories. It was fun seeing people we know while we were at the temple. Meanwhile, Mike and the kids did laundry. Lots of laundry. And we set up the tree. When the ladies got home, we put on the ornaments. Our tradition is to collect ornaments from the places we visit, so each ornament has its own story. After the kids headed to bed Diamond started our pink cupcakes for Sunday’s fun.
Fergus discovers the tree. "Hmm! What's this?"


"OK. Fun's over. Can someone get me out of this thing?"

Bedecked and dazzling

Landon butters up the Big Guy

Pink, pink, pink!

Sunday, December 8 – Landon had his winter recital at Extreme Gymnastics this morning. We are torn about doing his recitals on Sundays and hopefully by the next one we will have figured things out. 

With Coach Shane

Santa awarded the medals. Quite the honorary guest, ay?

After dropping Hallie and the kids off at home Mike went to church to teach Elders Quorum and then to take a man he visits the sacrament. Mike has visited Lloyd for close to four years every Friday with the missionaries. While we were out of town Lloyd’s wife called Hallie and told her that he has Stage 4 cancer and had been in the hospital. We know it is only a matter of time. He turns 88 tomorrow. This afternoon it started lightly snowing and it brought cold and slippery conditions with it, most noticeable when we headed off to the church to do tithing settlement. Our branch president was very patient when Eliza started acting like a cat during our time with him. Our evening ended with some yummy homemade macaroni and cheese and ribs Hallie made with recipes from the Pioneer Woman. We forgot to celebrate Eliza’s Family Day on Dec 3, and so we topped the night off with Pinkalicious cupcakes.

Mike also managed to get the most recent part of his LEGO winter village completed. The kids and cat won't leave it alone. Who knows why?

The grown-ups watched the Christmas Devotional via Internet on the TV. Great stuff for putting us into the true spirit of the season! 

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