Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pumpkinfests in Livonia and South Lyon

Fall is in full swing here in the northern Midwest, and with the change in season came General Conference. One advantage of having General Conference start later in the day back east is that we still have the chance to get some play time in before heading down to the meetinghouse to watch the satellite broadcast. So this week we headed first to the Wilson Barn in Livonia, then to the South Lyon Area Pumpkinfest.
Wilson Barn
The pumpkins outside Wilson Barn
Landon and Hallie in the rain with the pumpkins outside Wilson Barn
At $3.96 per pumpkin, quite the expensive display. The rain let up the entire time we were in South Lyon. Good for us!
Milling crowds and fun game booths
Landon made friends with this ambulance.
C'mon, show us a smile!
That's a little better. . . .
There we go!
Landon loved the bounce houses and other inflatable attractions. He didn't know he was probably just a little too small for this ride, and we weren't going to tell him no.
He managed to scramble to the top of three slides like this.
Look at our little man run!
Obligatory face-in-the-cut-out pic.

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Maygren Family said...

Lily and Emerson sure can't get enough of the inflatables either. Looks like fun!