Monday, October 18, 2010

Orchard, Cider, and Donuts (and more!)

Mike was able to accompany Hallie and Landon on a Grosse Pointe Mom's Club excursion to Blake Farms for apple picking, a visit to the pumpkin patch, and cider and donuts (yes, he has a very flexible schedule. Call it compensation for night classes). Hallie and Mike reflected yesterday about how we never remembered noticing farms as places to visit very much in Utah and California. It's amazing what the need to look for things to occupy a busy little person will do to awaken one's awareness of how many kid-oriented activities there are in an area! As it is, we had not been to Blake Farm in about two years, back when Landon looked like this:
(Look at those curls!). Now, of course, he's so much more grown up and independent. The weather sort of cooperated with us, and we picked apples and pie pumpkins after a hay ride out to the orchard. The gentleman who drove our group out there explained that Blake Farms started the "U-Pick" concept and remains the only orchard where you can drive your car in and pick the amount you want to buy (rather than having to be driven in and buying a peck bag in advance). He also noted that the farm actually does more business in "farm entertainment" than either retail or commercial sales. School field trips form a good part of this farm's and others' revenue for the year, and with school budgets cutting back as they are, the farms are feeling the pinch. So, if you can, find a cider mill, orchard, or corn maze in your area and help a local farmer out! If you're like us, you'll get fresh cider and donuts out of the deal. Mmmm! Cider and donuts.

All aboard the Apple Express!
Playing on the toy train
Check out that tractor!
Ready to get to work
C'mon! Let's pick some apples!
First with Dad's help, . . .
. . . then on his own.
"What do you think of this pie pumpkin?"
Ah, yes! Cider and donuts!
"Sweet, sweet yumminess. Now I have energy to burn! Good luck getting me to take a nap now."

After our excursion to the orchard, we stopped over for lunch of beef pot pie, Polish gumbo, and Italian wedding soup at Achatz (rhymes with "jackets") Pies. No fruit pie today (we bought a yummy dutch apple pie from them last week in New Baltimore), but we've found new culinary gold.


Maygren Family said...

We love fresh apple cider and doughnuts especially from Darby Apple, yum…..

Diamond Evans said...

That sounds like so much fun! Landon has grown up so fast.