Thursday, October 14, 2010

Landon + Green Sharpie =

Exactly what you think it would equal: tattooed teddy bears, graffiti on the walls, and other general mayhem.
"What, did I do something wrong?" Well, let's examine the evidence:

When you use this on your feet, you get this:
On the unique wall decor, you get this:
On the bed guard, this:
On the stuffed animals, this:
and this (the bunny is Hallie's childhood friend):
And on the walls, this:
Here is a very sad mommy:
Here is Landon trying to make amends:
And he's just getting set to turn three. I'm not sure whether I'll go gray or bald first.


DisabilityDiva said...

Little mischief! Happy Halloween!!

Bettina said...

UGH! And just when you think they're finally mature enough, they regress - I just had to take Esther's maker privileges away for the exact same reason, and she's 6!

Good luck with the repainting.

Susan Wassel said...

I am the Sharpie PR manager and I came across your budding artist video. I know it's painful but you handled it so well and Langdon is just so smart and adorable! Repainting is probably your best option. I've been there myself - writing on walls is just so hard to resist sometimes! I applaud your parenting -- and think little Langdon is the cutest thing ever!

Susan Wassel said...

Oops! Landon not Langdon!

Lila said...

i honestly think this is one of the best things ever! not for your cleaning of course but that was some seriously good artwork! I am impressed. Now if only he preferred paper to walls! :) happy cleaning/painting.

Aimee said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry, Hallie! Audrey is also a dangerous marker girl, but she prefers coloring all over herself. Last time I found her, her legs were purple and red stripes - I'm talking COVERED.

Diamond Evans said...

that totally sucks. But you guys did handle it well. I miss you all.

Brandon, Emily & Sydney Wilson said...

Holy Cow....that kid went to town with that green marker. Maybe you should enroll him in art classes. Oh...hopefully you can laugh about it now. I have a hard time in situations like that. My mom often reminds me of how I got into her caligraphy set at 3 years old and it was EVERYWHERE. Just waiting for day my kids do it to me. Knock on wood.