Saturday, October 09, 2010

Growing a Builder

On sunny Saturdays when Mike was growing up, his dad would sometimes pull out the woodworking equipment and set to work on some carpentry project or another. Mike still loves the sweet burnt smell of freshly cut wood and the loud whine of a circular saw. In the same spirit, Mike and Landon head up to the local Lowe's every so often for its Build and Grow construction series. This week, Landon built a Halloween-themed funhouse mirror while Hallie enjoyed a peaceful jaunt down to the farmers market.

All dressed up and ready to go
Hammer in hand, the boy is set to start working.
Inspecting the parts list and pretending to look at the directions
Hard at work
Admiring the finished result
Good job, big man!
Our little carpenter


Lila said...

i love it! i just signed evan up for the 23rd to make a flapping bat. it recommended 1st-5th graders but i'll just fib and say, he's small for his age. :) lol.

Diamond Evans said...

He is such a cutie!