Saturday, October 24, 2009

You've Had a Birthday; Shout, "Hooray!"

Landon has turned 2! We decided to celebrate with our great neighbors before we left for Pennsylvania. It just so happens that their son Miles birthday is the same day as Landon's. We met up at a local burger joint where we all ate dinner. While we were waiting for our food there were sirens going down the street and a bit of a commotion. We had no idea that we were eating dinner right on the parade route for the local High School's homecoming parade. Landon sat on Papi's shoulders enjoying every minute of it. The band, the cheerleaders, fancy cars, fire engines, and all of the kids cheering on their year with pride. It made eating a bit easier since he was able to get some energy out before sitting and trying to eat a burger and fries. After our yummy burgers we went back to our house and had an ice cream cake with none other than Lightning McQueen on top. Our $6 was well spent when we found out that the car could be pulled back and would then race forward. Landon went to bed saying, "Car, car, car, car." All while Mami promised him he could have it first thing in the morning. Miles and his family gave Landon a great Mega Bloks set and he had tons of fun playing with it. Yet, still at 2 getting the tissue out of the bag was almost as fun. Miles received from us a gift card to Ace Hardware and a speed limit sign. He collects them and was very happy with his gifts. Miles is so good to Landon and we could not have been happier to spend the evening with them.

Coincidence that our order number and Landon's age were the same.
Miles and Landon each had a balloon so everyone knew it was their special day.
Watching the parade with rapt attention.
Every parade has to have a fire engine and living in a small town ensures that the police can block off the streets for a 30 min parade.

Miles picked the ice cream and Landon picked the design. He has watched Cars every day but Sundays since the middle of July.
Landon almost did not make it till the neighbors came. Landon kept on insisting that he should have the car.
Mile, Landon, and across the table Gabby playing peek a boo.
Mark and Dawn the parents next door. They are so nice to us and especially Landon. Mark recently cleaned our gutters and Landon was so amazed at watching him climb the ladder.
Miles, Mike, and Gabby playing with Landon.
Dawn and Landon.
Landon went at the cake with his fork. No holds barred this kid.

Miles and his presents. I will have to take a picture of Landon with his present another time and post it. We were all having so much fun. Next time you hear from us we will tell you all about Pennsylvania (Northeast Regional FSA Conference, Hershey, and Gettysburg).


The Kalcichs said...

Happy Birthday, Landon! How fun to have a parade for your birthday.

Diamond Evans said...

I can not belive that I forgot Landon's birthday! A lot has been going on, but anyway Happy belated birthday Landon! I miss you much.

K said...

Has it really been 2 years? Happy birthday, Landon!

disabilitydiva said...

Sorry I missed his special day (we've been sick). I can't believe he is now 2 I remember when you were placed with him. What a little miracle! Still continues to bring smiles to my face!!