Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Exactly Martha

Hallie's attempt at being Martha pictured first. The inspiration is last so as there can't be any direct comparison :)

Since we will not be in Michigan for nearly two months I thought we should take our favorite friends at WSU treats before the holidays. When I received my Martha Stewart Living Magazine for October I found something I was sure I could do. I never quite read all of the directions for things or look at the fine print. Just now as I was pasting this picture did I see that the pros had the box that is open stuffed with stuff so it looked like a lot of Jelly Beans. So when I started stuffing mine we figured it would cost us nearly $96 to fill the boxes the way I thought they should be done. So in the end we ended up with Candy Corn and M&M's. It worked for our purpose and all of the folks at school loved Landon's little gift. It is so wonderful to take Landon to Mike's work and have all the ladies oohh and aahh over him. Even the Dean demands his presence when we come to visit. Needless to say mom is always a lot more worried about her little monster when we go and visit.

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