Thursday, October 01, 2009

I Want to Ride My (Papi's) Bicycle

We can hear Queen playing the background as this blog is being written.

Over the last two days Landon has started into his next adventure, bike riding. To say he gets into a lot of things might be an understatement. So, we are trying to put all of those wiggles into an outlet, riding a bike with Papi.

This picture is at B3 where Landon is getting fitted for his first bike helmet. He was so good letting the man put it on him and fit him for it.
Hallie wishes she could have gotten a video or a picture of Landon throwing a fit as she put him in the car and he just kept saying, "Bike! Bike! Bike!" We are getting him one for Christmas, but you know how Michigan winters are. He more than likely will not be able to ride it until the spring.
Here is Landon posing with his little gear on for his 1st bike ride with the new gear this morning. It was not even 40 degrees out, but he kept insisting that they go outside. Unfortunately, Mike had to pacify him with a quick trip in the car to Ace Hardware to get a new filter for our furnace hoping that would help make it work. No such luck, it is still 60 in the house.
Here are the boys ready to go on their first bike ride with the new seat.
Here is the bike with the Kangaroo Seat on the front. Mike said it was easy to install and did not take long to do.

Landon thought the handle bars were for him. Even while riding he thought that he was in control. Mike had to ride holding on to Landon's hands as Landon gripped the handle bars.
The battery ran out on the camera just as we were taking the pics! Grr. I wanted a video, but his is the closest thing I could get to the boys on the bike before the camera died. Anyway, they had a blast! Mike said he got smiles and good comments while they were riding. We are so glad that we got this for the bike. The boys are going to have so much fun riding. Let's just hope the weather holds out a bit longer so they can get some use out of it.


Ross Family said...

How fun! That looks like a really neat seat to put on your bike. I might have to look into one for Kolbi!!

Riley and Breanne said...

That is the coolest baby seat I've ever seen! How fun!