Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Catch a Thief, Part 2

So, progress has been made on catching the guy who stole the bushes and bricks from our meetinghouse. Turns out he came back last weekend for more retaining wall bricks, so the folks at Detroit Facilities Management wanted to make sure this behavior stopped once and for all. Now the police have photos and a video of one of the crimes in action, thanks to Damon's detective work on the church DVR and my finally getting things moved from the church DVR to my laptop. The police are investigating, and we may actually make some headway here. Yippee! In the mean time, enjoy the movie and pics:


Candi said...

Wow. What is wrong with some people? Great detective work. Hope you nail him.

Lila said...

you know what everyones saying about kanye west right now... i'm saying it about this guy. what a loser. i hope someone hands him a book of mormon when they find out who it is and he comes back for his community service. you should put a couple new plants in and hide a note next to them where it isn't plain to see that says, 'We're watching you" or 'what would jesus do' :D lol

carly said...

this is so funny....but not. ;)