Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Fun Has Begun

The State Fair

The great thing about living in South East Michigan is that everything is in about a 30 min drive. So is the State Fair. Below our the pictures of our little jaunt on a beautiful September 2nd afternoon.

They had tons of goats! Here is one that wanted to get to know Landon.
This is about as close to riding a tractor as Landon will get to go on for a while.
This little lamb was born recently and it was a bit dehydrated that is why there is a mark (it's spray paint, not blood) on its head.
We saw LOTS of cows.
Even some made out of butter.
This sign tells all about the State Fair. They said today on the news that this will be the last one. Kind of sad.
A horse in a cage. Not so fond of that but when will Landon ever get to see one again this big? Not for a long time.


Diamond Evans said...

I can not believe that they are closing it!

Bettina said...

Wow - looks like our first chance to go will also be our last chance to go. I hope we can make it. It looks like it was fun!