Saturday, September 05, 2009

Christmas In September?

Here are the pictures from the last two days of fun. Yesterday we only took one pictures. We had a nice time but the best part was the shirts I bought the boys. Landon gets his now, Mike gets his for Christmas. I will give a synopsis of the pictures as you scroll down. Have a fun peek at one we got to do. P.S. the weekend is not even over yet. Tonight it is BYU fun! P.S. the pictures are in backwards order.

Landon is sporting his first Tattoo, I am sure the first of many. HEEE HEE! We went to Greenfield Village today to see the promotion of the new The Christmas Carol. It was a fake tattoo and it was a snowflake in honor of Mike. Everything was around a Christmas theme and I think this is the earliest we have ever celebrate Christmas. Thank goodness we got to our destination early as we heard the lines were long yesterday.
Here is a model of Marley the partner of Scrooge and what he looked like when visited Scrooge the first time. We saw lots of great artifacts. Some from the Charles Dickens museum in London.
Here are the busts that they sculpted of some of the characters.
This is inside of the train car where we saw lots of flat panel tv's depicting the art work from the movie. It is amazing what technology can do.

Here is Jim Carrey/Scrooge as a little boy. You can see him get older in the next set of photos.

We even were entertained by Christmas Carolers. They sang a fun Christmas song about cookies. Landon was sitting on Mike's shoulders and was very captivated.
Here is the line that lay before us to get on our train experience. The line actually moved at a good rate.
Mike and Landon waiting in line. For not having the stroller he was pretty dang good.
This was a blow up theatre. Inside it sat 97 people where we watched clips from the new movie in 3-D. I can't believe that we sat inside a glorified tent to look like a theatre. How imaginative those Disney/Branding folks are.
Here is one of the train cars. This train started out in LA back on May 22 and will end up in New York at the premiere in November.

Mike and Landon are standing in front of our "shuttle" which was actually a really nice tour bus. The Henry Ford/Disney always do things very nice. Everything was done in a neat and orderly manner.
Trying to keep Landon entertained.
LOVED the buses. I guess it doesn't hurt that we live on a street where they go often. It was one of his first words and signs.

Yes, he has no pants on but the shirt is great. It hearkens back to a stick shift on a car and the shirt is brought to use by the company Made In Detroit. This company is owned by Kid Rock. Hallie is not a fan of most of his things but the festival we went to yesterday (Arts, Beats, & Eats) had a boost up in the sponsorship department by this company Made In Detroit. So we thought it would be fitting to help out the cause and by the boys some shirts. Landon looks great in all things DETROIT.

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Diamond Evans said...

Landon is so so so so so so so cute! I am glad you all are having fun.