Sunday, September 07, 2008

On Playing at "Single" Dad

Hallie’s grandma passed away last week, and as we could not afford to go out to California as a family to pay our respects and attend the funeral, Hallie went out on Thursday, leaving Landon and me here in town until she returns again on Tuesday. We have limped along pretty well (in fact, we've even had a couple of fun adventures, like going to the Old Car Festival), and several branch members have offered welcome assistance and yummy food that have enabled us to supplement the preparations Hallie and I had made for her departure. Truth is that 1) I have a great job that lets me work from home, so I have been able to look after Landon while he’s awake and work while he’s asleep; and (perhaps more importantly) 2) Landon is an easy baby to look after, so I haven’t struggled too much as far as babysitting goes.

However, Landon and I both feel keenly Hallie’s absence, and we can’t wait to have her back. I miss Hallie being Landon’s mommy. I miss hearing him squeal when she tells him she’s coming to get him when he wakes up from a nap. I miss watching her (try to) feed him as he makes his piggy noises that send her into her own giggle fit. I miss her “shake-a shake-a” dance as she prepares him a bottle and the look on his face as he watches his silly mama all animated and full of fun. Landon knows that his mom is not here, and he responds by looking at the phone when it’s on speaker and Hallie and I are chatting. When he has cried a time or two, I can tell he’s crying his “mama” cry, so I know he’ll be thrilled to see her again.

For those moms and dads who slug through single parenthood all the time, I admire your guts and hope you have solid support networks of family and friends. Thanks to family and friends of the single parents I do know for showing your love and support. I can see why the Lord’s model for the family is one of multiple adults looking after the kidlets—it’s much easier as a team than as a solo act.


The Michiganders said...

That is so sweet. What a tribute to Hallie and to mothers!

Stephanie said...

Mike, you are still as thoughtful as you were in college! Our love to you and your family.

carly said...

well being that I was with Hallie until Sunday, I know that you both were also missed by her! But, I do want to say that we had so much fun with her, especially on saturday when the girls went and did stuff so thanks for making it possible for her to come!