Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Internet is (was?) our Playground

We have to admit it: we're addicted to the Internet and all those wonderful channels on TV. Sadly, this means that we have a hard time using both in moderation. So, we're going to cut them out of our home cold turkey as of Monday, saving $80 a month (not to mention regaining all that lost time) in the process. For those of you normal people out there who can control yourselves, good for you! As Mormons, we're looking at it as we would alcohol or tobacco: sure, most people around the world could (and do) use these substances successfully in moderation, but in giving the Word of Wisdom, the Lord noted that the revelation was “adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all saints.” Honestly, there are probably many members of the church who could drink and smoke without being significantly harmed. However, the weak among us could and do get trapped by the “evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days.”

Without getting too serious about it, the same principle applies with us (especially by his own admission poor Mike) and the modern media. So much to see and distract from what we could be doing! Even with a DVR, hours can go by on a weeknight where instead of completing a home repair project or making a visit or reading a good book, something fun (or educational—yes, there are good things on TV. TV itself is not evil) on the tube or the ‘Net drew our attention. Most people (we imagine) probably surf no more than a few minutes a day or watch no more than an hour or two a night. We did the math on our own habits, and it wasn’t pretty. We attempted to cut down, without success. We needed our fix. So, what do you do with something you can’t control? Following the principle of the Word of Wisdom, maybe it would just be better to cut it out (or at least reduce it substantially).

Obviously we live in a wired, media-connected world. We have responsibilities that require us to use email and other Internet media. But we can go to the library, and Mike has Internet at work, so we will survive, just like we survive without a beer at a baseball game or a morning cup of joe. It will take a lot of getting used to. As a last hurrah, Mike found a funny site that converts photos into old yearbook shots. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

Good for you guys. Wow. I was just thinking last night about how much time I had spent watching TV yesterday (House marathon on the DVR). I think you have a good idea here.

carly said...

good luck with this trial you are taking on...because it will be quite a trial. (for me also it would be!) we have been with out cable a few times in our 4 years of marriage and with out the internet once...but never with out them both. so hats off to you! i think tv will become a problem for me in about 2 weeks when all the shows come back on and it's "national stay at home week" ugh.

carly said...

ps, your pictures are really funny! we'll have to try that!

The Michiganders said...

I could never do that. Never. For me, the internet SAVES me so much time!

I can shop around without taking three kids to the store! I can find a recipe for dinner in under 3 minutes. I can instant message and save myself a 5 minute phone call. I can blog my life and that would just plain never happen if I tried to write everything in a journal instead.

Conclusion: I am addicted as well. But it is a sweet, sweet addiction. ;)