Sunday, January 07, 2018

Back to School after a Short Winter's Break

We had a relatively brief winter break from school before heading right back this week. While the Midwest and Northeast endured some pretty harsh conditions, we have had a relatively mild winter. Hallie and Landon traveled out to Reno for a gymnastics tournament while Mike and Eliza partied at home.

We celebrated New Year’s Day on Monday with a quiet day at home after partying late into the wee hours. We also took down the Christmas decorations and rearranged the furniture. 

Tuesday meant back to school. We walked up to school with the kids to get their day started. Later, Hallie and Jenny went to see The Greatest Showman, and Mike took the kids to gymnastics. He spent some quality time with Fergus too.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. Hallie got her hair done, and we got back into school and gym routines. As usual, the weekend was when the action happened.

On Friday, Mike volunteered at school in the morning before taking Landon out early so he, Hallie, and two of his teammates and their moms could hit the road for Reno so they could participate in the Jake Dalton Invitational on Saturday.
She wanted to wear the dress she got blessed in as a baby.
Looks more like a long shirt now. 

Mike later took Eliza to her first practice with the Level 3 girls. So much fun to watch her develop her skills!

On Saturday morning, Mike and Eliza did some chores downstairs, and then Eliza went to a friend’s birthday party. They rounded out their day with a movie and animal documentary marathon.

Landon competed on Saturday, taking 5th place overall in his division. Good on him!

Sunday morning dawned a bit earlier than Mike would have liked. He enjoyed teaching his new group of students in Primary. They are bright and have a lot of energy.

Hallie and Landon spent most of the day on the road, arriving at around 8:30 after braving foggy roads for most of the afternoon and evening. We’re glad everyone is home safe. 

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