Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tournament Travels, Sick Sibling, Sherbet, and Snow

We spent another few days with family members in different states. And Eliza was sick. But she got rainbow sherbet and to play in the snow. Loads of fun!

Tuesday brought with it Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa Dorey! We each received knitwear (which has been put to immediate use) and other fun gifts to remind us of them and Nova Scotia.

Eliza went to the pharmacy and got rainbow sherbet three days in a row this week! On Wednesday, she and Mom went to get a prescription, and Eliza got a cone.

That night, she started showing signs of being sick. This complicated our day Thursday, but it all worked out. The day started early, and we were treated to a beautiful sunrise.

We all drove up to the airport so Hallie and Landon could fly out to California for his gymnastics tournament. Mike brought  back home, where she convalesced while he worked. Technology even facilitated his presence at a faculty meeting! Later he took her to the pharmacy to pick up one of her prescriptions and get some more rainbow sherbet.

Hallie and Landon visited with family and friends over the weekend in addition to driving down from Ventura County to San Diego and back. He struggled a bit at this tournament. It just wasn’t his day. However, Landon’s mentors from Victory were all present, and Hallie nearly lost her mind seeing them all together.

Meanwhile in Springville, on Friday Mike kept Eliza out of school and looked after her, which meant a soak in the tub, cough medicine, and a cozy blanket. In the early afternoon, she complained that her ear had made a painful pop. Uh oh. We made a quick trip to the insta-care, where she was diagnosed with an ear infection. We headed back to the pharmacy and, yes, more sherbet.

We expected snow all day Friday, and it finally came early Saturday morning. Eliza was feeling well enough that she wanted to keep her morning date to go to the movies, where a 9:00 am showing of Paddington 2 was playing. Cute movie.

By the time we got back to the car, it was covered in thick snow. Snow continued to fall all day and into the evening. The two played some in the snow and ate snow ice cream – clearly Eliza was on the mend.

We went to church on Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day cozy indoors. Sometimes the early schedule has its benefits.

We look forward to Hallie and Landon getting back tomorrow! 

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