Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Long, 2017! Hello, 2018!

Another eventful year has come and gone. Here’s what happened this week.

On Monday, we celebrated a quiet Christmas morning at home.

It snowed overnight, so that meant play time after we got done opening presents, visiting, and eating breakfast. Landon has been waiting for years for another chance to pummel Mike with snowballs. Eliza ventured out before any of the rest of us to play with her new shovel.

Fergus even got into the act. We’re really not sure if he remembers what snow is. He seemed curious to explore but ready to be brought back in.

The kids played with friends and went to gymnastics on the other days this week. Eliza will start training with Level 3 next year (week). She’s energized!

On Saturday, we had a BYU Freshman year reunion at our friend Stephanie’s house. Way back in 1991, Mike and these amazing people spent a whirlwind couple of semesters’ worth of adventures in and around Deseret Towers. Since that time, we have experienced the ups and downs of life while maintaining contact over more than a quarter century. Here’s to more adventures and reunions to come!

Tomorrow begins a new year, and we wish the best to you and yours in whatever lies ahead.  

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