Sunday, June 04, 2017

Memorable Victory Games and Banquet

During the week, Hallie rested while Mike and the kids—with ample help from family and friends—went through the week’s routines. Amazingly, she had recovered well enough by mid-week that she could drive and by the weekend that she could cut a rug on the dance floor. 

Hallie got good news at her visit with Dr. Kane. He said she was healing up nicely and was OK to drive.

Mr. Softee came to the neighborhood Wednesday evening. Yumm-O!

Mike’s car hit 70,000 miles this week, which says he drove about 10,000 miles this year.

Las Posas Elementary had a fundraiser at Wendy’s, and participants raised a good amount for the school. Thanks to all!

We celebrated Ms. Marzalek’s birthday on Friday with gifts and cupcakes.

Eliza had one last practice before her big day.

Saturday found us all very busy. In the morning, Mike had new EdD student orientation at Cal Lutheran, and Eliza participated in a Moana-themed Victory Games. We were grateful to see so many family and friends out to support her!
Of course, prior to competition, one must get ready . . . 

. . . toes and all! 

In the afternoon, the four of us met up to attend Coach Shane and Coach Dee’s wedding reception at a home nestled up in the hills in Westlake. The kids (well, Landon) gorged on donuts and ran wild in the yard (you can see the aftermath of it all in the first picture at the top of this post).

Eliza has had this thing with bees lately. On a related note, it is eerie to see so many dead and dying bees around of late. Colony collapse?   

Sunday wasn’t much less busy. After church (yes, Hallie taught Primary if you can believe it), we had a brief visit from Grandpa and Haydn, who was getting some driving practice in (later Grandpa and Shep came back by to retrieve Great Grandpa A.’s rocker). Hallie and the kids went to Grandma and Papa M.’s to say good bye to Aunt Elise and the cousins, who are all returning back home to Alaska. We sure enjoyed seeing them while they were down here! Now to see if we can manage an epic road trip to visit them up there. . . .

We topped off the afternoon/evening with the annual Victory Gymnastics Academy Banquet at the Spanish Hills Country Club here in town. The children were recognized for their achievements, and then we partied! Many thanks to the coaches and owners for all their hard work on our children’s behalf.  

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