Sunday, June 11, 2017

She May Have Overdone Things Just a Wee Bit

So the surgical drains that Hallie has had since her surgery came out on their own—not a great thing. Maybe she has partied a little too hard after being under the knife. . . . Nah!

Monday and Wednesday brought a new person into our home. Hallie contacted the service A Time To Be Organized to help us get organized and cleaned up for our upcoming rental showings that were on the calendar. Rhonda (the woman who came) helped for six hours this week, and she was great! Between Hallie and Rhonda a lot of work got done, and we feel a lot more prepared for all of the things we have coming up. 

Mike looked after the kids at gymnastics on Wednesday and caught Eliza and Ella playing together. Earlier in the day, as she was watching Eliza practice, little Ella (all of nearly three years old) told another girl, "Eliza is my best friend." Aww!

On Thursday morning Hallie dropped the kids off at school and then headed with her friend Marina to the Oaks Mall. At 11:30 they headed their separate ways. Hallie ended up at BLVD BRGR Company with the ladies from the ward for Lunch Bunch. It is a place I don’t think we will go back again, but it was worth a try. The company of Deanna and Ruth was great, and that is what is important.

Hallie picked Eliza up from school and then the two girls headed to the school’s multipurpose room to watch the 4th graders perform a play/musical about the Gold Rush. After school, the kids played for a bit, and then Landon and Hallie went to purchase their new-to-us Wii.

Per usual, our weekend was busy, starting Friday night. We went with our friends the Guerreros to Padaro Beach Grill in Carpinteria where we met up with several friends from Las Posas to celebrate friendships and to say goodbye to our friends the Bermeas as they move to Virginia. The weather was perfect, the food was yummy, the company was outstanding, and the kids had a blast!

Upon our arrival back in Camarillo, Hallie realized that one of her surgery tubes would no longer hold suction. Uh oh!

On Saturday, Mike had his first class of the summer term at Cal Lutheran, one about writing literature reviews. Let’s just say that even after teaching about and writing reviews himself, it’s an almost overwhelming task not just for the students but for him too! He felt bad leaving Hallie to fend for herself with the drain issue.  

Meanwhile, Hallie held court with the kids. Hallie dropped the kids off at gymnastics and then headed to Oxnard to meet up with Paula, a teacher friend from Las Posas, where they went beauty supply shopping. Afterwards Hallie headed over to the after-hours care because of her drain concern, but the doctor said everything looked fine and her tube would stay in until Tuesday. She came home and rested and supervised the kids as they delighted in playing Mario World and Wii Sports.

Hallie fell asleep during their playtime and even had a little feeling-faint spell at Target when she ran an errand in the evening (um, stop and rest, please!). While brushing her teeth in the evening one of her drains just plumb fell out. Aahhh! What to do? Thank heavens Mike is such an awesome nurse maid and helped Hallie fix things up.

Sunday morning Hallie decided to stay home from church as she realized that the other drain was now leaking and coming loose as well. Mike and the kids headed to church and Hallie rested.

After Mike and the kids got home the family walked around the corner to our neighbors to celebrate their boys’ birthdays. By the time Hallie got to the clubhouse, the other drain had fallen out. So we left the kids, and we came back home to fix Hallie for a 2nd time. The adults headed back for a bit and then Halllie and Landon headed off on another adventure. Hopefully Dr. Kane will be able to sort this drain issue out on Tuesday. The kids enjoyed their time celebrating with Nolan and Conner and their family! 

LEGO party favors! Woo hoo! 

A great family from Victory Gymnastics Academy had an end of year/graduation party for all of the team boys. There was yummy food from Stonefire Grill and cake to celebrate Joe going to Cal Berkeley and Brandon going to the Air Force Academy. Landon had a blast with his friends from gymnastics in the pool and playing pool, and he even found a level opponent in chess.

Rhonda (who Hallie had in our home earlier in the week) recently moved and had boxes to give away. On the way home Hallie and Landon filled the car with boxes that we will definitely be able to use.  

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