Sunday, May 28, 2017

Just One Way to Skin a Hallie

So Hallie had Big Surgery #2 this week.

On Monday, Las Posas PTA gave parents a volunteer appreciation breakfast. There were carbs (bread products and fruit mostly) as far as the eye could see. The third graders read stories of their appreciation and the Kindergartners treated us with songs.

Monday night Hallie’s phone up and stopped working so off to the store she went to get a new one. Happy she was as she had been wanting a new phone for a long time. Maybe bad phone karma won’t follow her this time.

On Tuesday, Mike stole some time to see a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2). While Mike was playing, Hallie was working and the kids were at school. Later on in the evening Mike worked, Landon had gymnastics, and the girls hung out doing a few errands.

On Wednesday, it was Eliza’s turn for gymnastics in the afternoon. In the morning, Hallie spent time cleaning the house with the new steam mop she got when our friends the Kawais moved.

On Thursday, Allie and Granny O. came to visit Mike at work. We happened to catch a mother mallard duck with her brood and a few young rabbits out on campus, which is quiet now that summer semester has set in.

Today was Hallie’s last day working at Las Posas Elementary School. Many of the classes made her cards wishing her well on her surgery or on moving to Utah. Their thoughtful comments and pictures proved to be a pick-me-up over the weekend of recovery. The hugs, smiles, and stories that the kids would share with Hallie daily really made an impact on her. The last nine months at Las Posas have been great.

Later, Mike met up with Hallie and Eliza at the Maygren’s and visited some with the cousins. Mike and Eliza headed home, and Hallie headed to Victory to pick up Landon. We hope he is back to full-time practice starting this next week.

Friday was Hallie’s big surgery day. After dropping the kids off at school and volunteering in Eliza’s class, Mike picked up Hallie and took her to the surgery center. We ended up waiting a while to get into surgery, and then it was time. Time is not something Hallie is fond of. The longer we waited the more the nerves built up – almost to the point of her wanting to run while sitting the pre-op room. A four-hour surgery is not to be taken lightly.

Grandma M. got the kiddos from school and took Eliza to gymnastics while Mike waited and waited some more.

Finally, Hallie’s doctor came out to let Mike know that Hallie was all done and would be ready to go home. It took another couple of hours, but we eventually did get out the door and home. After getting a groggy and hunched over Hallie settled in her bed, Mike retrieved the kids from the grandparents. Once home, they got to visit with Mom and see that all was well. Eliza was never too fond of the idea of Hallie having surgery and didn’t understand why she needed to have surgery, so to see Mom was okay made her start to realize everything was alright.

Saturday morning was spent at home packing up the kids’ bedrooms and some more of the toy room. Packing seems endless these days.

Hallie continued recovering in bed, as she will for the next couple of weeks as she heals up. Mike and the kids played various nursing roles. Mike has been a trooper changing drains 2-3 times a day and helping Hallie in and out of the bed so she can go to the bathroom.

Eliza got a little crabby, so we had her take a nap. That was for the best, because she was in a much better mood for when Dad took the kids to a birthday party for Eliza’s classmate Jameson at Sky High. As usual, the two played at full tilt.

While the other three were out, Hallie had visits from Elise and three of her kids who brought a lovely bouquet of flowers. Later, Dwight and Marilyn came by with some more flowers. It is great to have visitors!

We helped Hallie convalesce on Sunday. Ruth, who substituted for Hallie in her Primary class, brought by get well cards after church from Hallie’s students who are all 6 years old. Later, Carrie and Claire came by to visit and brought Hallie a beautiful painting of a seashell.

No pain meds so far today for Hallie and she was able to walk downstairs to see Carrie to the door. Every day will be better than the day before. Eliza and Hallie even spent time cleaning off the iodine that could be found going down Hallie’s legs. We are glad Eliza likes to be such a helper in other ways even if it is not in her room.

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