Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Costumes for All Occasions

Short entry this week due to Sunday activities for Mother’s Day. Many of our activities involved either wearing or watching people dressed in costumes.

Hallie started out her Monday morning walking with her friend Rhoda. The rest of the day was filled with meetings, work, and gymnastics.

Eliza started the kids' fun Tuesday with strategically placed K-cups. One day she’ll have bosoms of her own, but for now implants will have to do.

Later, she and Ellie had Slurpees. Yumm!

On Wednesday, Hallie used the last day of her three-day pass to go to Disneyland. As Landon had tests and a broken toe, he had to forgo his last day. Poor guy. As Hallie reflected later in the week she would definitely go to Disneyland alone again. Good times!!!

Kids dominated the day Thursday. Besides working at the school, Hallie watched the three cousins. Pizza and park fun was had by all. On the way home, Hallie saw Mister Softee out of the corner of her eye in the Ralph’s parking lot, and so of course the night was topped off with ice cream. The kids were great, and they all had fun together. We cherish these times as they will not happen quite as often once we move.

Friday was a busy day for everyone. Hallie and Landon took a trip to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. The boy got to get around in a wheelchair, but he thinks he is made of steel and can just hobble around all over the place. Let’s just say he is not so fond of the crutches anymore, and thank heavens the podiatrist appointment is right around the corner.

Meanwhile, Mike had graduate school commencement. He hooded five of his doctoral students and saw many of his master’s students receive their diplomas. Happy profe seeing his students in their flowing robes!

After picking up the kids from school, Hallie dropped the kids off with Mike at work and then drove down to Torrance to pick up Jenny for an Angels/Tigers ball game. Of course, we had to root for our Motor City Kitties. Too bad they used up all their scoring power in Thursday’s game, because they got shut out tonight. Hallie and Jenny had a great night out celebrating, and it was especially fun treating Jenny to 2nd row seats along 1st base. It was a beautiful clear night, and watching Mike Trout hit a homerun was not too shabby.

Mike took the kids to gymnastics Saturday morning before going to work. Hallie picked Landon up a bit later and ran some errands with him before meeting Mike at Grandma and Grandpa M.’s to wish Grandma a Happy Mother’s Day. Mike and Landon went home to get some packing done, and Hallie went back to get Eliza. After gymnastics, Hallie and Eliza attended a baby shower for Amber (Eliza’s gymnastics coach). We did a fair amount of packing up belongings after the girls got home. Not enough, by any means, but something. Why does it seem like we have not made a dent? Oh, well. We keep on trucking.

After church on Mother’s Day Sunday, we took advantage of the only time we were going to have available this month to attend the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Eliza went dressed as Merida, and Landon brought his sword and shield. They both left with new wands, our little wizards. Eliza even gave us a little scare by performing a brief disappearing act. That girl! We plan on saving our pennies so we can come back again next year and participate in all of the fun that can be had at the Faire.

We rounded out the day with a visit to Granny O. to wish her Happy Mother’s Day. We love our moms!

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