Sunday, May 01, 2016

Thoroughly Smashing!

This week the word “smash” accompanied at least a couple of our activities, so we’re going with that for our theme!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday entailed our normal routine of school, walking the dog, and gymnastics. Sometimes normal is good when life can be crazy a lot of times.

And there was plenty of crazy to be had. Fergus got out overnight on Wednesday, and he must have gotten into yet another fight. He acted mellow all day Thursday after coming home, and on Friday when he complained about being picked up and wouldn’t finish his breakfast, Mike knew there was a problem. Sure enough, he had a sore on his back right leg. After a quick call to the vet, we took him over. This time his wounds required surgery, smashing an unexpected and unwelcome hole in the budget. He now wears the cone of shame (that is, until he wrestles it off. What a pill).

Hallie and Eliza met with Hallie's Options group one last time. Hallie was excited to see all of her friends and to see them progress to their surgery dates as well. Eliza was very well behaved in a class full of adults. Thank heavens for technology. It sure can help keep a five year old occupied.

As Hallie goes in for surgery next week, we celebrated her birthday early on Friday with Smashburger and a butterfly-themed cake in keeping with Hallie’s ongoing transformation.

For the last several weeks, Landon and some friends have participated in the Jr. FIRST LEGO League, sponsored by the Pleasant Valley Education Foundation. He and Mike attended the Jr. FLL Expo on Saturday. This year, students learned about recycling through the Waste Wise Challenge. Our group, the LEGO Smashers, put together an automobile wrecking and recycling plant, complete with crane, conveyor belts, a compactor, a shredder, and a fiery furnace. Everyone participated in his or her own way, and the kids had a great time. Many thanks to Jennifer and Tracy for all their hard work during these last few weeks bridling all that chaotic kid energy!

In addition to making a presentation on their project, the kids participated in several LEGO-themed activities at the Expo, including a team building challenge, art work, and a scavenger hunt. The team even won an award!

Eliza and Hallie stayed home and kept the fort down and made sure it was clean before surgery and that everyone had clean clothes to wear while Mom is gone.

We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. Everything is still up in the air with our new wards, which won’t meet at their new times until next Sunday (we will meet at 1 PM for the rest of the year). Elder Kent F. Richards of the Second Quorum of the Seventy presided and spoke at the sessions. 

Oh, and one more thing, Hallie updated her 'do. Doesn't she look thoroughly smashing?!

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