Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fresh Starts at Home and Church

Not a lot of words or pictures, but plenty of activity. We moved to a new ward at church without even leaving our house! A friend said, "It's like moving without actually having to move. How cool is that?!"

On Monday, Hallie’s visiting teacher came over, and the two of them knocked out a clean garage. We are trying to get the house in order before Hallie heads to the hospital on May 3rd. We are so grateful to all of those who have helped and will be helping. Mike brought his birthday Lego set to school. 

On Tuesday, Hallie went with a friend from the ward to Sky Zone to do some trampoline aerobics. A definite amount of calories were burned, and neither Hallie nor Paula could move all that well for most of the week. Hallie may go try it again after some more weight has melted off in the coming weeks. 

Mike was able to attend Lego Club this week, and the kids are moving along to the day of their expo. Landon headed on his first hike with Cub Scouts and was so very excited.

Later in the week, we got a group photo.
LEGO Smashers! 

Hallie started Wednesday with blood work that needed to be done before surgery. Everything was made better with a Star Wars band aid. Eliza and Hallie walked Roxy, and that dog could not be more excited for Eliza to show up her three days a week.

Friday morning Hallie spent some time in Ventura at an appointment. The girls took Mike up to work later that morning. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were spent at gymnastics as usual. It is such a treat to see the kids improve each week, and they continue to use every square inch of the house to better their technique.

More cleaning ensued on Saturday, and the kids were great helpers. They both earned a small toy for all of their hard work. Grandma M. and Hallie went to lunch at Waypoint Café which overlooks the Camarillo Airport. The wait was really long, but it was a beautiful day, and who could not pass up dessert first? The ladies shared an amazing chocolate shake. 

The sandwiches were super yummy too. Hallie topped off the evening by attending a fireside by Wain Myers, author of Baptist Preacher to Mormon. It was electric and the Spirit was in attendance.

Sunday started with choir and ward meetings for the adults. Hallie loves going to choir because the ladies always get in trouble for talking, but Linda Brown loves us anyway (or at least we think she does!). Church was good as always. What a pleasure it has been to live in the Camarillo 1st Ward for the last close to two years. In the evening there was a stake meeting to tell us about how the leaders were going to reorganize our stake. Big changes were made, and it is hard losing our friends, but we are all hoping the transition will be smooth, and we will all be able to make new friends. Thanks to social media, Hallie is well on her way. Camarillo never looked so colorful! We're the ones in blue: The Pleasant Valley Ward.

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