Sunday, April 10, 2016

Early Birthday Wishes

There’s no one coherent story line this week, so we’ll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

On Monday, Eliza walked Roxy. We finally took a picture of her. She’s a German shepherd/chow mix.

Eliza keeps producing fun and beautiful art at school. Mike took her to a kindergarten information session at our local school. She seems excited about the idea of kindergarten and has spent the last several days reviewing the preparation packet we received.

Landon has enjoyed his time with Jr. Lego League. Mike was able to join the fun this week, and the kids have made some great progress designing a recycling plant. Thanks, Jen and Tracy for reining in the chaos!   

Later, while Landon went to scouts, Mike and Eliza had some time together while Mike got a haircut. Frequently, when he get a haircut, he also goes and gets Hallie a little bouquet of flowers. This time Eliza decided to take credit.

Landon is learning orienteering skills, such as how to make maps.  

It was so hot while the girls were walking Roxy on Wednesday. Eliza kept stopping and complaining about the heat. The normal 60 minute walk lasted only 30 minutes. Hallie promised Eliza if we could finish our walk then we could go to SweetFrog. Eliza especially likes embellishing her yogurt with gummy worms and gummy frogs, and the man that helped us gave Eliza color changing spoons.

For some strange reason, after we had some rain on Thursday, the kids decided they wanted to make pets out of the snails that came out of hiding. Ew.

In honor of Detroit Tigers Opening Day, when Hallie got her nails done Friday, she blinged them up with orange glitter and Old English D’s. Landon sported his Tigers uniform for school and gymnastics.   

On Saturday morning, the kids went to a super hero-themed birthday party for a school friend of Eliza’s. Some of the family cleaned a bit in the house trying to get things ready for Hallie’s upcoming surgery.

After church on Sunday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa O.’s to celebrate Mike’s birthday a little early. Hallie and Mike’s folks made it into a themed affair: Dr. Who and LEGO. Thank you, Mian, for the amazing cake! 

(Some little boy is totally jealous of his old man.)

The kids got a huge kick out of the new tire swing in the back yard. Cousin Haydn pulled the kids so that they went flying high. Eliza screamed and carried on so much that we thought she was scared, but no. Not this one. We should have figured it meant she was having the time of her life!

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