Sunday, May 15, 2016

Return to Routines

Mike had a pretty busy week at school with end of semester meetings and graduation. Hallie got back into some of her normal routines. The kids trekked along as if they were at the center of their own little worlds, which (of course) they are.

Monday was a busy day for everyone but Hallie. In the late afternoon, she had her first follow up at the surgeon’s office. Everything went well for the most part. A little more water and protein is what the nurse ordered, so every day that is what Hallie is trying to do. We are grateful to Paula for driving Hallie to her appointment and Mikayla for meeting the kids at gymnastics and bringing them home.

The household doesn’t get all we need to get done without Hallie in the driver’s seat, so after a few days of getting chauffeured around, she returned to taxi duties on Tuesday. The first day back was a long day, but everyone survived. All the stuff we did on Tuesday wore Hallie out, as the rest of the week she has been a bit tired. Hallie was invited to the ultrasound of her sister’s third child. Hallie was super excited as she has never been to one and marveled at the 3-D technology. The little bundle of joy looks to be doing amazing!

On Wednesday Hallie attempted to walk Roxy with Mike and Eliza. Out of the hour walk she got about 20 minutes done. Gymnastics happened in the afternoon, and both of the kids are learning routines and skills for Victory Games on June 4th. They are both so excited to be able to win medals at the meet. 

In the evening our new bishop came to pay us a visit. It wasn’t just a social call though, and before he left extended a calling to Mike: Sunday School President. That's a new one! Mike was hoping the visit was to extend a big time calling to Hallie, but he is out of luck for now.

Eliza continues showing off her creative side both at school or at home. 

Fergus is back to his old self, including playing escape artist. 
Troublemaker. "Who me?"

Mike had to go to the dentist on Thursday, fearing a root canal was needed. He got off with only a filling. Tonight was Hallie’s first support group meeting at Kaiser. Hopefully next time it will be a bit different than it was tonight because she came home slightly disappointed. Dr. Billy her surgeon also offers support groups, and she will be trying one of those in the upcoming weeks. Hallie talks often of the support she has received in a new Facebook group of others who have or will be having surgery this month and also the friends Shirley and Beverly she made during her Options class at Kaiser. There have also been several friends that have had this surgery more than a year ago that she has relied on for help.

Hallie got to start eating small amounts of protein-rich regular food on Friday. Never has a person been so excited to eat Greek yogurt or refried beans. For two weeks it is mushy foods, but that is fine by her!

A few of Mike’s doctoral students graduated, so he hooded them at the commencement ceremony. All us faculty and students fussing and flapping in beastly black like a murder of crows, so funny to see. Eliza liked seeing the selfie he sent to her pre-ceremony.

Saturday we did a few chores around the house and attended a birthday party at the park for a cute little neighbor boy who turned 2. 

With the week being so busy it is nice to be able to have some down time. In the evening Landon and Hallie spent time reading Anne of Green Gables. Landon’s teacher finally implemented a reading log, and it has been fun reading different genres with him. We started with Harry Potter, next it was Rush Revere, and now Anne of Green Gables. We will have to see what comes next!


Gram B said...

It is so good to see the happy family activities. We miss you all.

Gram B said...

It is so good to see your families fun activities. We miss you all.