Sunday, January 10, 2016

Working Out

When we talk about working out at our house, we’re not talking about exercise, although the kids did get plenty of that this week. Rather, the kids had a couple of opportunities to do work outdoors between the El Niño and winter rain we got this week. 

Eliza learned about transportation this week, and her art showed what she learned.

Landon shared some of what he has learned at church.

So, on to the work-related activities. As part of the kids’ effort to help pay their way for gymnastics, BMX and Scouts, in addition to collecting cans, Eliza has a new job as dog walker. She’s almost as big as Roxy the dog. The dog walking job is beneficial to our family for three reasons. First, Eliza wants a dog, and that is not happening for a long time, so by walking Roxy she receives her dog fix. Second, all of the different activities cost a pretty penny so any way we can help supplement these activities is a good idea. Third, Hallie wants to get more exercise, and she thought what better way than walking a dog three days a week for an hour? It's not brisk, but at least she is out of the house.

On Saturday, we helped a local Boy Scout with his Eagle Scout project replacing a section of grass with a paved patio area. The kids enthusiastically dug in with boundless energy. They put Mom and Dad to shame! Landon was quite mad when we told him it was time to finish up. We are grateful for their willingness to serve a family they had never met and without any idea of what we were going to be doing. It has rained recently, and the ground under the grass was quite muddy. Yay for new rain boots! All Hallie had to do was spray them down and the dirt and mud washed away quickly. Now let's hope we get more rain so the kids can get some more use out of the boots they keep wearing around the house.

Every little kid was quite vocal when they found worms. One little boy took it quite literally when Hallie said they were going to fry them up and give them to Eliza for lunch.

In other news, Mike got out all of his 1980s Legoland Space and LEGO Star Wars sets and started putting them together with the kids. The toy room has not quite filled to overflowing with the bricks, but it’s close. Landon modified Mike’s Galaxy Explorer with updated weaponry, compliments of his new set.

The kids enjoy their new Primary classes. From the reports we get from the adults who work with them, they seem quite precocious and well-behaved. Hmm. Do our kiddos have Doppelgangers who cover for them? Whatever it is, we’re grateful for the positive influence of the grown-ups in their lives. 

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