Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mostly Quiet This Week

. . . that is, unless you count the constant racket of hands digging through buckets of LEGOs. If only those hands were those of children, but no.

The week went by pretty generically with no surprises to speak of. Ho hum. We’ll take it.

We went to school, walked Roxy the dog, attended gymnastics class, and so on as usual.

Eliza made a blanket fort after school on Thursday.

Hallie lost over 7 pounds and has been rocking her eating plan as part of her bariatric classes.

And Mike and the kids have mined through the LEGOs, building a small town and a 1980s-era space port all inspired by the boys’ Christmas gifts. Thanks to instructions from the LEGO customer service site, Brick, and Let’s Build it, we’ve managed to recover instructions long thought lost to the landfill. Landon in particular enjoyed building an exploding armored stage coach.

The available selection of bricks required some modifications, but it works. 
Of course, we always enjoy the kids' original creations. Behold the scorpion!

The kids built popsicle stick boats inspired by the story of Nephi building a ship to get to the promised land.

And that’s all we wrote for the week! Next week may hold more exciting adventures in store. 

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