Sunday, January 24, 2016

When Life Gives You Fire, Have a Barbecue

The title has little to do with the rest of this week's post, but it is good advice -- from an eight-year-old, no less! We don't have any major themes running through this week's activities, nor do we have momentous weather to add excitement to our activities. We did have a holiday and some future events that occupied our time as we basked in the sun of early spring in California. 

The kids had the day off from school for Martin Luther King Day. On Monday, Landon had the opportunity to experience walking Roxy with Eliza. Both kids wanted their turn at walking the dog, and they also learned a valuable lesson when it comes to dogs and cats (i.e., when the dog pulls hard on the leash, let go or get dragged). Walking Roxy has been great regular exercise for Mike, Hallie, and Eliza.

On Tuesday, Eliza was invited to be on the girls’ pre-team at Victory. 

Later in the day, Landon and Dad went to the home of a man who had a woodshop at the back of his property where the Cub Scouts had been invited to work on their Pinewood Derby cars. Landon designed a Batmobile which Dad cut and Landon sanded. Landon was so excited to finally get a chance to work on his block of wood, and the race is right around the corner. Eliza doesn’t understand why she doesn’t get to make a car too. Maybe we’ll have to give her a chance make her own next year!

On Thursday after school the kids noticed a family in need standing near the driveway of our local grocery store. The kids took it upon themselves to put food, water, and money in a bag for this family and to deliver it to them. The family was touched by the children’s generosity, and Eliza said, “Heavenly Father is proud of us.” She is right about that. It was a special moment for Hallie and the kids.

Thursday night will be crazy for the next two months. Mike teaches a class, and Hallie is attending a class for bariatric surgery. We are grateful this week for Grandma Maygren who came to babysit the kids. They asked constantly when she was coming throughout the week and were excited to have her at the house.

On Friday morning, Hallie noticed a beautiful rose in the front yard. Good thing she caught this moment, because the gardener or someone else clipped the rose bush later on. 

Spring is causing the hills to green up too. The rain we have received made the hills a joy to look at as we drove to Simi Valley after dropping Landon off at school. Woo hoo! Later, Hallie, Mike, and Eliza went over to Grandma and Grandpa O.’s for a visit and to get some macaroons that Hallie had bought for our anniversary.
Going for a race together in the family room

Eliza has learned to be a great helper in the kitchen. On Thursday morning she had gone downstairs to watch TV unsupervised, but on Friday when she went downstairs, she washed dishes instead. Eliza is very proud of herself when she is praised for the good she does. Washing the dishes was exciting to her, and she even brought a dish to show us while we were still in bed. We caught her as she helped some more.

Later in the day, Hallie took the kids to gymnastics while Mike worked. After picking up Mike, the kids finished up gymnastics and then had a pajama party at Victory while Mike and Hallie went out to dinner for their anniversary with steak and salmon at Holdren’s.

We spent a quiet Saturday at home playing with transformers and LEGOs and finishing Landon’s Pinewood Derby car.

On Sunday after church, we chatted with Grandpa Dorey on Skype and had the missionaries over for dinner of ribs, rolls, kale chips, cooked carrots, and steamed broccoli. Yumtastic! Here's a little random Landon LEGO free play action. He explained that the fire fighters decided to give up fighting the fire and decided to roast sausages instead. When life gives you a fire, have a barbecue, right? 

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