Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Force Awakens, and the Children Slumber

The boys got caught up a bit in the hype around the big movie this weekend, one of but many reasons to be excited, what with school parties and rain to liven up the week.

We’ll start with art.

Landon and the other cub scouts competed in a marshmallow snowman making contest for pack meeting this month. His creation was very tasteful. 

Santa came to visit Eliza’s class. He has a great sense of humor and gets the kids talking. Hallie remembered how funny Santa was from last year and was hoping it would be the same man. Yeah!!!! The preschool kids are hilarious in the way they interact with Santa. Laughter is the best!

Landon had several art projects as part of his class party.

Landon had a follow-up at the doctor’s, and since we were there last (less than six months ago), he has grown an inch. No wonder he was looking taller to us and others. Landon also received his trimester grades and did very well. We are very proud of Landon’s hard work and how successful he has been this school year.

Early in the day, Eliza and Hallie headed to Westlake to help Hallie’s mom celebrate her last day of working for the Conejo Valley Unified School District. For 23 years she has served the kids of the Conejo Valley. Grandma received lots of nice gifts, kind regards, and yummy food to celebrate her last day. Eliza was a hit with her new twirly whirly dress and those big brown eyes. Hopefully now the kids will be able to see Grandma more often!

Eliza passed off a new skill in gymnastics, a front pull over. Eliza loves going to gymnastics and loves doing things on the bars even when Coach Dee is not looking. Both of the kids run a mile a minute. We have been so happy with Victory Gymnastics Academy, and the staff are amazing! Even coaches who have not had our kids know their names and treat them with kindness. All of the girls and boys teams had a Secret Snowman activity during part of gymnastics. It was held far out on the gym floor, so no pictures were taken. Hallie has commented how she appreciates that, even though Landon is on pre-team, they include all levels in the different team activities. Landon was thrilled with his gift from his Secret Snowman, a new book. After gymnastics on Friday, the boys’ team was having an in-house meet, and we stayed after a bit to watch. It was great fun to see them in competition attire and for Landon to see what he could do in the future if he desires.

After reading some reviews and feedback from people who had seen the new Star Wars movie, we decided to let Mike take Landon to see it. Landon got so excited that he literally could not sleep all night. So, rather than going to a Saturday afternoon showing, Mike took Landon with him, out to TO, and they watched a 6:00 am showing before Mike went up to the office. 

Landon kept asking when Luke was going to show up, and he actually commented that he was a bit bored during the first half of the show. But then some more exciting parts happened, and the boys had a good time. Mike looks forward to when Eliza gets old enough to see the movie. Rey reminded him of his own feisty little Jedi princess-in-training.

Several displays at the theatre showed off Hollywood props and other themed memorabilia. 

As we rushed out the door without breakfast, we needed sustenance. We went to Foster's Donuts on TO Boulevard. Some of the flavors in the display case had a definite Voodoo vibe, such as their maple bacon and fruit pebble bars. We may need to come back. Word to the wise: Cash only.

They came back home at around 11, and on the way home, Landon fell asleep. He woke up long enough to walk in, walk upstairs, and fall back asleep in his bed. We tried rousing him a couple of times in the afternoon, and we were afraid he’d suddenly pop up wide awake just as the grown-ups were getting ready for bed, but he continued sleeping all through the night. He felt a bit upset Sunday morning when he found out that he had missed most of Saturday. Some say all of this sleeping was a Christmas miracle, and Hallie could not agree more. 

Eliza both had her hair straightened and cleaned her room while the boys were out. Then she went out into the rain and lost all the straightening. Then Mom straightened her hair again. Eliza earned a Merida doll for her efforts between hair straightening sessions. 

While the young Skywalker was asleep, Eliza and Hallie went to the outlet mall to a local Stride Rite store that is closing and managed to score some good deals on shoes for the kids in the future. Mike watched a football game where one side did all the scoring, then the other side scored not quite as many points. Today it's good to be a Ute. . . .

Later, Eliza fell asleep earlier than normal on Hallie’s lap while they watched It’s A Wonderful Life. What a wonderful moment!

Everyone in the house is trying to keep colds and allergies at bay, so only Hallie attended sacrament. The children seemed to be doing well while she was gone, so Hallie ran home and got them for Primary. Landon and Eliza greeted her at the end with graham cracker nativities, so darling. Eliza had eaten most of hers before they got home so no pictures were taken. Sorry. We do have a closing pic of Eliza in her Sunday best.

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