Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Memories

This Christmas may be the first that both kids actually remember. We spent lots of time with extended family this week.

After last week’s post, we joined Mike’s parents and cousins Haydn and Alie to watch the Bell Canto Ringers perform in Simi.

On Tuesday, we went to the dentist and saw Aunt Emily. Everyone got their teeth cleaned along with clean bills of health. We then stopped by Grandma and Grandpa O.’s house on the way back to our house. Eliza loves to play with Shep the dog!

Landon continues to create unique and exciting LEGO contraptions.
This one comes complete with a projectile launcher and spinning ninja knives.

He lucked out this week to be the only one at his gymnastics practices on both Monday and Wednesday. This meant lots of time perfecting his skills.

We’re thankful to all those who sent us cards and updates! Your greetings hold a special place above our fireplace. We still need to get something out to you. . . (does the blog count? J ).

Christmas Eve finally arrived, much to the kids’ delight. Grandma and Papa M. came over, and we had some snacks and presents as we waited to catch a glimpse of the Santa-In-Lights. Unfortunately, while we had clear skies and a beautiful full moon, we had gusty wind, so Santa got delayed (read “flyover canceled”).

Landon and Eliza both left notes, cookies, and egg nog for the big man in red for his eventual arrival, and Mom and Dad stayed up late to make sure he got all the presents delivered.

Santa was too quick to capture on film. This time. 

Maybe our kids are a bit unusual, or maybe we do a good job tiring them out, but everyone woke up at a reasonable time on Christmas morning. By the time Eliza came to get the parents up, she was already dressed for the day. Landon even fed the cat without sneaking a peak at his presents by the fireplace and under the tree.

At this house, Santa fills stockings and leaves his gifts by the fireplace (have we mentioned how nice it is to have one?). The kids came down and dove into their stockings (which they very much enjoyed – especially the fancy Kinder Eggs) and read Santa’s reply to Landon’s note.

Eventually they noticed the bike and large package that were also parked by the fire.

The TV is well-positioned to act as an artificial fire, as we didn’t need the heat of a real fire (because, realistically, the real fireplace is just for show in our climate. Still, have we mentioned how much we enjoy having a real fireplace?).

Later on, we drove over to Aunt Emily and Uncle Mike’s house for Christmas dinner prepared by Uncle Mike and visits with grandmas, grandpas, and cousins from both sides of their family. Good stuff!

On the way home, we made a stop at Grandma and Grandpa O.’s, where the kids harassed cousin Haydn (always a good sport) and opened gifts from the grands. All in all, we had a full couple of Christmas days appreciating the gift of our extended family’s presence.

On Saturday, Mike and the kids accompanied Grandpa O. and Shep to Corriganville Park, site of the former Corriganville Movie Ranch, famous for its sites and vistas used in movies and 1950s TV westerns. Woody from Toy Story would have felt right at home here, back in the day. We spent a couple of hours climbing on rocks and hiking a leisurely couple of miles along the trails.   After a visit with Grandma and Alie back at their house, we came home and played some.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Freedom Park. Eliza was thrilled for the chance to go riding, but Landon didn’t quite share her enthusiasm, so he opted out. Too bad, because Grandma and Grandpa and Alie came out to see everyone ride. Before sunset, at least, we had warmer weather and less wind in Camarillo than in Simi, but after the sun set, it got chilly, at least as far as Mike and Landon were concerned. Could it be that the boys have already adapted to the mild California winter?! 

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