Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas Celebrations Begin

December. . . . Wasn’t that just a couple of months ago? Well, here we go again! We put up the tree and lights and had our ward Christmas party. Mike had jury duty, and he’s on a case next week. Go, civic duty!

Landon brought home some work from school. His teacher confided that much of her work involves classroom management. We hope this means Landon is getting all the learning he can. Squirrelly second graders. . . .

Carefully read line number 6. . . .  
Eliza had plenty of her own work to share.

We set up two Christmas trees this year: one in the front room and a new smaller one in the family room. The front room tree is our memory tree with ornaments from our past travels and life events, and this new tree will hold ornaments we made as part of a month-long project Hallie found online called the 25 Days of Christ. As the grown-ups in the family have limited reserves of artistic talent and patience, the ornaments have a decidedly amateurish feel. But they will do, and the events they commemorate will be marked just fine. The kids seem to enjoy putting the ornaments on the tree, reading the corresponding scriptures, and watching the short online video clips associated with the 25 Days, so this new tradition is a winner so far.

Wednesday was a bit of a blur for all of us. Eliza was really excited about starting gymnastics at the same center that Landon attends. Three days a week will now keep both kids plenty busy and Mike working extra hours. Hallie spends lots of time in the car, and a second car may have to be in our near future.

Mike got called up for jury duty on Thursday and put into a selection pool that afternoon. On Friday afternoon about a half-hour before his day would have been done, his name came up to be on the panel of jurors, and now he’s on a criminal trial (assault with a knife!) that’s expected to last through next week.

On Saturday, we had two parties. First, we had our ward Christmas breakfast.

Then Mom and Landon practiced for next week’s Christmas concert. The music is shaping up beautifully. 

Later, Landon’s friend from school Aaron had a birthday party at Sky High. Landon got so into the fun that he nearly made himself sick. Gotta pace yourself, boy! 

Afterwards, we went to visit Santa, again, at Las Posas Plaza. If the kids were concerned at the changed appearance of the jolly ol' elf and his wife, they didn't let on. We also went to Mrs. Figs' Bookworm to see author Carol Heyer, author of Humphrey's First Christmas. 

Sunday brought church, choir practice, and the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. The Christmas season is in full swing! 

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