Sunday, August 09, 2015

Summer Slowly Sails into the Sunset

This is gonna be a fast one. Kinda like summer has been. Hard to believe how quickly we're skating though it. Rather than contemplating the end of the month, let's focus on enjoying the present moments! 

Hallie took the kids to the DeSoto Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe in the Valley after Landon's doctor appointment.

Landon channeled his inner BMX racer when we went back to the Freedom Park BMX Raceway. Mike found out that a work colleague is one of the owners of the facility. Pretty cool! So was watching the boy learning how to navigate the course.

During his time at the track, Eliza had her last dance class of the current series.

One of her favorite parts of going to dance class is driving along the “Disneyland Road” (Potrero Road south of the Camarillo grade). Why Disneyland, you ask? Might have something to do with the thrilling sharp turns:

On Wednesday afternoon, we went to Yogurtland at the Camarillo Outlets. While there, we saw friends from the ward and one of Landon’s old classmates with his mom. We had a nice visit while the kids played and were treated to a spectacular sunset. Thanks to Eliza for some of the early shots.

Mike enjoyed some time with Eliza at the pool on Thursday afternoon while Hallie and Landon went shopping for school supplies. Yes, the time is coming soon, but we will suck out every bit of summer juiciness we have left.

On Friday, we had Jett over for a visit. He and the kids lounged at home and poolside with Hallie, basking in the breeze.

While Mike worked at CLU Saturday, Hallie took the kids to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Over the weekend, Mike tried to find one of Landon's missing LEGO minifigs. In the process, he corralled some of the bricks scattered around the house. After collecting most of the minifigs into   one bucket and still not finding the missing one, Eliza found it by the piano. Grr. On the plus side, we found out that we have some 500 little LEGO citizens spanning some four decades, from Classic Space through to Ninjago. 

Landon created his own variation on a Ninjago vehicle. Maybe it’ll show up as a Cool Creation in the LEGO Club Magazine.

We had Gabi and Isabel for an overnight stay Saturday into Sunday. Fergus wasn’t too thrilled, but once the kids finished playfully partying poolside and blissfully bouncing off the walls at home, they slept super soundly.

Eliza and Mom played dress-up after church on Sunday.

Have we mentioned lately how we cannot get enough of the weather we’ve been having this summer? Perfect enough to spoil a body rotten describes it accurately. Let’s take another look at that SoCal sunset. Ahhh!

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