Sunday, August 30, 2015

School Rules!

The kids returned to school on Wednesday. Eliza has the same teacher and goes mornings four days a week this year. Landon has a new teacher but many of the same friends in his class. He loves being back in school. Mike had his annual faculty retreat to start off his new academic year too. We hope for great things to come for everyone!   

We don’t have a lot of pictures, but here goes.

At last week's Brick Fest, we saw for sale some earrings, cuff links, hair bows, and bow ties made out of Lego. Mike figured he could do something similar with what we have at home, so he and the kids crafted their own bow ties. Eliza especially liked one Mike made.

We wore them at church (no pictures). Kinda fun to see the double takes, but we won't make a habit of bringing distractions of this sort to Sunday worship services. . . .

The kids made it to school with a commemorative photo this year.

Among other activities, Carrie came over to do papier-mâché, Hallie entered the kids in a contest to be featured on the Pediped shoes webpage (vote here and here. Contest closes 8/31/15), Hallie went to an essential oils presentation, we went swimming to beat the summer heat, and Hallie and a couple of other ladies sang at church.

Eliza's impression of Dad. As she drew, she kept coming up to him to make sure she had the eyes and eyebrows right. 

In spite of the heat, we had lovely evenings and a couple of beautiful sunsets!

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